Thursday, 23 January 2014

What are we fighting for?

Not my mum FYI. Check out this article as well

I tend to get a pretty eager in e-cig related discussions at work, with friends (or foes) mentioning all kinds of science proving that e-cigs are harmless, that harm-reduction is a good thing, I tell people how my own health has improved drastically and so on. And some times people say that I'm just fighting so I don't have to quit vaping. Well am I? Actually I'm not. I'm one of the lucky ones that have already made the switch, and there is basically nothing anyone can do to stop me is it? Can they stop the lathe-magicians from turning some battery tubes, tips and atties and sell them to me? Nope. Can they stop the mixers from selling flavoured PG or VG based liquids with no nicotine? Nope. Can they regulate the sales of mesh, silica or resistance wire? Don't think so. Can they regulate the sale of liquid nicotine? Well, they probably can, but there will always be ways for me to get it. I mean I can even go buy cigarettes and extract it myself right? So I'm definitely not fighting for my ability to continue vaping. I'll be able to vape for the rest of my life no matter what regulations or laws that are put into effect. So what can they stop? Well they can stop people from making the switch by making it more difficult get hold of starter kits that make the switch easier. They can let the tobacco industry able to milk the last money out of the sceptical smokers who are, lets face it mum, a bit afraid of the internet and view generally everything you can't buy in a shop here in Norway as evil and dangerous. But can they stop it, or can they just postpone the inevitable? I read this article today on Why E-cigarettes Cannot be stopped (it's good, go read it), and I think the author is right. The revolution can be slowed down but cannot be stopped. So what am I, or we, fighting for then? In my opinion we're fighting for all the smokers who still haven't made the switch. We're fighting to speed the revolution up instead of being slowed down, so these guys can get the same chance as we have to make the switch ... before they die from smoking.


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