Friday, 27 November 2015

Worth reading this weekend (November 27th)

Another busy week with very little spare time to write has gone by, and 2015 is coming to an end, a bit faster than I like. I haven't even started thinking about Christmas shopping yet, except that I'm thinking I can save some money the presents I plan buying for myself today, since it's black friday :) Here in Norway we also have another important event coming up for us vapers. It's just around 2 weeks until we hit the streets to express our views on the sneaky TPD implementation planned by our government. Hopefully it will get some attention in the media, and hopefully a lot of smokers will unpack their first vaping kits this Christmas.

Anyway, between not thinking about Christmas, work, and trying to figure out how to get rid of my beloved car that have finally decided to die on me, I have managed to sneak in some reading. So if you're already tired of Christmas and want to take a well deserved break from the shopping madness, here's a couple of good ones that I'm sure you'll enjoy:
  • There is indeed a lot of junk science about e-cigarettes and vaping out there, and sadly a lot have gotten some attention in the media as well. The Ashtray blog has gathered some of the, giving you some insight in exactly what is wrong with them: Exposed: 18 E-Cig Studies That Are Killing Smokers
  • This week we also got a newsletter updating us a bit on what has happened since the first teaser from the guys behind A Billion Lives. If you're not subscribing to the newsletter yet, I highly recommend it. They got some criticism for using this quote in their teaser: "165,000 kids die of secondhand smoke, every year". Dick Puddlecote has his own take on the subject: A Billion Lives, My Take 
Have a nice weekend!

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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Juice Review: Trixie 2 & Nia 9 by 13 Sins

I was pretty happy with the first 2 juices from 13 sins that I reviewed back in September, so I was looking forward to trying out these two. Both these juices are 30/70 PG/VG ratio. I might have told you last time that the other 2 were 40/60, but having a closer look I see now that Suzy 6 is actually 50/50. Sorry about that. Anyway, these last two, being pretty high on VG might be more appealing to the cloud chasers out there.

13 Sins comes from the people behind T-juice, and I think it's worth mentioning that all these juices are tested for the nasty stuff that seems to trigger lawsuits at the moment, and you can find the test results on their web-page. It's great to see they take their responsibility seriously. (The other T-juice tests are also available here.)

So, onto the juices:

Trixi 2
Tested on: UD Bellus RTA (Dual kanthal @ 0.6 Ω, 40 watts)
"A full on vape sensation, packed full of cool zingy freshness. An electrifying combination of stimulating mint, lemongrass and lime, coupled with the smooth fruitiness of apricot and apple and just a slight lick of aniseed. Trixi is a tantalising temptress of the taste buds."

I didn't even have to open the bottle to smell the citrus in this juice. It has quite a strong, fresh smell, quite mouthwatering to be honest. And the flavour ... is even better. It's true to the description, has a huge amount of flavour. The lime and lemongrass comes across as the strongest, along with the aniseed that gives this juice an extra dimension, and quite a bite. The mint, apricot and apple is not very pronounced, I guess the mint is there playing along with the aniseed and gives a bit of sweetness, and the fruits give the juice it's kind of undefinable fruitiness. A great, refreshing juice and I'd say this is my favourite among the 13 Sins juices so far.

Nia 9
Tested on: Smok TFV4 (TF-CLP2 Core @ 0.35Ω, 40-60 watts)

"A fragrant and inescapably alluring blend of chai spice, mingled with complex notes of wild red berries and vanilla cream. Nia is a subtle, yet sensory enslaving ADV, with facets of blackcurrant and tangy citrus, which leave the satisfying, sweet aftertaste of warmed sugar on the palate."

The Chai spice was the first thing I noticed when smelling this juice, and vaping it for that matter. To me this is the main flavour of this juice, the juice is kind of built around these spices, in a successful effort to enhance and pronounce it. You can definitely taste the citrus as well, playing quite an important role. I said Trixi was my favourite among the 13 Sins juices, and I stand by that statement, but Nia is not far behind. Great juice!

Thanks to ecigarettedirect for sending me these juices for review.

13 Sins E-Liquid
Get 15% off with discount code: giraffe15 (log in to use)

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Friday, 20 November 2015

Worth Watching this Weekend (November 20th)

Clive Bates in "A Billion Lives"
Right now I'm on a train on my way home from a meeting in Oslo, which is around 500 kilometres from where I live. Train takes quite a while, I was bored but happy to see that they had free Wi-Fi on board, so I could log on and do some reading. But actually I ended up watching some videos instead, hence the slightly different title this Friday.
  • I got an email newsletter earlier this week from the guys behind the upcoming documentary "A Billion Lives", saying that this Friday they would release their first teaser. And so they did: You Are Being Lied To - A Billion Lives. Really worth watching, and I have to say I can't wait to see the whole movie. Also worth mentioning is that they're now selling T-shirts if you want to show your support and help giving this movie the attention it deserves.
  • Finally, I also recommend this one by about e-cig regulations in Canada. Good stuff, well balanced and very well presented.
Have a nice weekend!

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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Norwegian vapers protest against the government's disguised TPD

One of the proposed banners. Ok, ok I'll translate:
YES to age limits, to childproof caps, to freedom of choice,
to vaping, to a smoke free environment, to better health
to reasonable regulation. NO to the EU TPD article 20.
Vapor is not tobacco!
The Norwegian government's proposal to "legalize e-cigarettes with nicotine", which turned out to be an implementation of the TPD, have kicked of a bit of activity in the vaping community. Up until recently I have a feeling that most of the debate have taken place in the comments sections whenever (not too often) vaping and e-cigarettes have gotten some media coverage. Actually, a lot more has been done... NDS and quite a few dedicated vaping advocates have been working to convince politicians, letters and emails have been sent and so on, but we have been struggling a bit to get the coverage we need in the media so the general public also can see what is going on. As I've said earlier, I do believe the media will be the key to winning this battle. Anyway, after the government's proposal got some media coverage, NDS also managed to get some attention in the media, backed up by SIRUS and Karl Erik Lund among others. Still, we do need to get more attention to this matter. We need to make sure that the government is not able to just sneak in these draconian regulations without anyone other than vapers noticing. So now, Norwegian vapers hit the streets to protest. Have a look at this:
You are hereby invited to Trondheim on December 12th 2015 at 2PM. Dedicated vapers and the Norwegian vaping community, Norsk Dampselskap (NDS), will join together in a protest. There will be a peaceful demonstration against the Norwegian government's proposal to implement the EU's Tobacco Products Directive §20! The directive, as it stand now, will be a nail in the coffin for the vaping community, and it will change the way we vape forever! You are welcome to join us in the protest, and join us in the fight against this law! After the demonstration you will have the possibility to attend a vape-meet at the shop "Dampoteket", which will also be the end point of our protest march. Vapers unite! The news media will also be invited.
This is the English version of the invitation to a peaceful demonstration to express our views in Trondheim (which is where I'm located). At the same time, December 12th 2PM, there will also be demonstrations in Oslo in front of the Parliament building, in Bergen and in Kristiansand. Who knows, maybe even more places, there is still time. There is a lot of people working hard to get the media to cover it, writing speeches (hopefully) and hopefully we'll see some banners and maybe even t-shirts? I guess it's still a while until December 12th so a lot is still in the planning phase and quite unclear yet, but I'll try to post updates as more info becomes available.

I really hope as many as possible will be able to come to one of these demonstrations. The more people that turn up, the more attention we'll be able to get. Foreigners are of course welcome as well, we'll teach you some slogans in Norwegian :)

For those of you who want to attend, Facebook events have been created for each of the locations here:
(If you don't speak Norwegian, don't be afraid to post in English in there. I'm sure you'll get answers to all of your questions.)

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Friday, 13 November 2015

Worth Reading this Weekend (November 13th)

It's been quite a busy week for me this week and not much time for writing. The e-cigarette debate here in Norway is still alive and kicking and I hope I can give you some more news next week (or maybe this weekend if I can manage to sneak in some writing time). Until then, here is some of the stuff I've enjoyed reading this week:
Mark Drakeford now wants to ban vaping
... in your own home!
Have a nice weekend!

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Thursday, 12 November 2015

Juice Review: Raspberry Crush, BlackJack Twist and Blueberry Burst by Halo have done some redesign of their Halo-brand and the Halo range of UK made e-liquid have gotten new bottles, new logos and quite a few of them have gotten new formulas as well. They've also added quite a few new flavours as well. All the juices are 60/40 PG/VG.

Raspberry Crush

Tested on: Steamcrave RDA (Dual 26/32 Clapton @ 0.32 Ohms, 30-60 watts)
This is one of the new flavours of in the range, aiming for a fresh, natural raspberry taste. The smell of this juice is in fact very spot on. I'm not sure I've come across a juice that actually smells this true to the description. It simply smells like fresh raspberries... and I should know as the kids love raspberries so I smell it quite often. There is nothing else in the smell, no added sweetness or cream or anything, just raspberries. Tasting the juice it also tastes like fresh raspberries, and it does have quite a bite to it as well. Kind of the same sensation you get when vaping menthol juices. I think they're pretty true to their description and have managed to create a natural raspberry flavour without the synthetic feeling they were trying to avoid. Good juice.

Black Jack Twist

Tested on: Steamcrave RDA (Dual 26/32 Clapton @ 0.32 Ohms, 30-60 watts)

The smell of this liquid reminds me of a liquorice/aniseed candy from my childhood, not the real Black Jacks though, don't know if I've ever tasted those. They were called "Lille Jan"... I guess some of my Norwegian and maybe Swedish readers might remember them. The flavour is not that far off either. Pretty sweet aniseed/liquorice flavour, and pretty strong as well. Might be a bit too much for me as an all day vape, but still a great juice that I'm sure will bring up some memories. Definitely a juice I'd recommend if you're into aniseed juices, or liquorice. As I said, personally not an all day vape for me, but that doesn't mean I don't like it, it's just one of those juices that has a lot of flavour, and it's a great flavour too, but to much can potentially ruin it for you :)

Blueberry Burst

Tested on: Steamcrave RDA (Dual 26/32 Clapton @ 0.32 Ohms, 30-60 watts)
Blueberries are one of my favourite berries, but I still haven't really found a pure blueberry e-juice that actually tastes like pure blueberries. The smell of this one, however, gets my hopes up. It kind of smells like blueberries at least. Also when tasting the juice, it's pretty close to what I'm looking for, but still a tiny bit missing. I mean, it does indeed taste great, but even if this probably is the closest one to the blueberry flavour I'm used to it's still not totally spot on.... and I finally figured out why: What I've been looking for is actually wild bilberries, that I guess most Norwegians would call blueberries (since the Norwegian name for them is "Blåbær"... Blå=Blue and Bær=Berries). Looking at Halo's description it all starts to make sense: "European blueberries and bilberries". I might have to get some Norwegian juice-maker to duplicate this flavour, cause it is indeed a small difference I believe. Anyway, putting away my childhood memories of fresh wild bilberries, I think this is a well made juice, pretty close to bilberries, that doesn't give you that artificial flavour that some blueberry juices tend to give you. Great juice for fruit and berry lovers.

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Friday, 6 November 2015

Worth Reading this Weekend (November 6th)

Despite the debate here in Norway at the moment I have actually managed to squeeze in some reading about what happens in the rest of the world as well. And it has been some good reads as well, well worth a bit of your time this weekend:
... currently available evidence is certainly showing that application of the precautionary principle to severely restrict or ban e-cig accessibility and sales is inappropriate...
Have a nice weekend!

The e-cigarette debate in Norway continues: People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones

Last week the Norwegian governments preparation for implementing TPD and their efforts to cover it up sparked a bit of debate here in Norway. This has continued this week, with NDS (Norwegian Union of Vapers) continuing their efforts to educate our politicians after Cecilie Brein-Karlsen from FRP tried to defend their proposal on Brein-Karlsen has again answered on, accusing NDS for lack of knowledge about EEA, law and even vaping. Pretty much the same as her first one. (If you're using google translate to read it, replace "Knowledge Solved" with "Ignorance" and it will make a bit more sense). Brein-Karlsens arrogance in this case seems to be without limits. But people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. A lot of people have commented on the article, NDS among them, basically tearing her article apart pointing out that Brein-Karlsen is the one with a serious lack of knowledge in this debate. I just have to translate something from the comments, written by Kjetil Aakenes:
We vapers can not judge Brein-Karlsen and the government. But history will. The research and evidence is already on the table for those who can read. NDS and vaping has in just a few years helped more people away from tobacco than the state and NRT have managed in twenty years. This must be painful for Brein-Karlsen, since she resorts to such vileness in her post.
Thanks for that one Kjetil, describes the situation perfectly! A big part of the problem is public health officials, politicians and tobacco control feeling threatened because e-cigs have come along solving the problem they've used 20 years of their career to solve... and it wasn't even their idea. In a way the e-cigarette debate will show us who's in this to help others... and who's in it for their own fame and fortune.

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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Review: Aromamizer RDTA by Steamcrave

I first heard about Steamcrave in the NDS "RBA and Mods"-group on Facebook, where several of my fellow Norwegian vaping geeks recommended the RDTA warmly. My friend, Roger (the maniac behind Steamer Elixire), posted some photos of the 2-post velocity deck (I'll get back to that) which kind of tempted me to try it out. Actually it was tempting enough to go get one.

Having a look at Steamcrave's web-page (which is a bit slow at times, so be patient), it looks like they set out to create a tank atomizer that performs like a dripper. Hence "RDTA", I guess. The name Aromamizer also gives us a pretty good idea of what they're aiming for. The Steamcrave web-page is a bit confusing actually. They operate with 2 models of the RDTA, a 3ml (SC200-S) one and a 6ml one (SC200), and also there's a 3ml and a 6ml version of their OCC tank version of the Aromamizer. All of this I'd say, is actually a tank system. The only difference between the 3ml and 6ml versions is the top cap, and the pre-built OCC heads, the 3 post deck and the 2 post velocity deck is of course interchangeable. It becomes a bit clearer when you go into their shop though.

In the box
Actually, I got several boxes in the shipment this time, but first let's see what's in the SC200-S set:
  • The RTDA itself, including the 3 post deck
  • Spare tank section
  • Spare o-rings (looks like one of each)
  • Spare screws (both hex and Phillips)
  • A small Phillips screwdriver
  • A small Allen key
  • 2 vapebands for airflow control, one with 2 holes and one with 4
  • User manual
  • All packed in a nice presentation box with foam inserts
In addition to this I also got the 2-post deck, the 6ml version of the top cap and a dual coil kanthal OCC coil head (0.3 Ohms). All of these can be purchased separately. They've now also released a 0.15 Ohm single coil NI200 OCC head for use with temperature control, and you they've got delrin versions of the driptip and vapebands in different colors available as well. On top of this they've created some bundles including both build decks, so you've got quite a few options here.

Look and feel
Honestly, this is not the best looking tank around, but not the worst looking either. Without the vapebands, it looks kind of standard. I don't know... the vapeband kind of makes it look a bit messy. On the other hand, it feels really well made. All the parts screw together very smoothly, and the o-rings are perfect fits. Feels very solid.

In use 
When you start using this, you'll quickly understand why it's not the best looking tank in the world. When designing this, they've focused on functionality and performance, not looks. For example the bottom section is knurled, making it easy to unscrew. Some may think this make it look better, some may think it makes it look worse... the guys at Steamcrave, I believe, don't really care how it looks.

When it comes to the build-deck... or build-decks I should say, I think they're both pretty easy to build on. They're not huge, but not tiny either, and quite easy to build on. I do prefer the 2-post deck and definitely recommend you get this if you're thinking of buying an RTDA. It gives you a bit more room to build, and I could quite easily fit dual Clapton coils in there. Also it has 4 holes so you can fit one coil at the time, and I've seen people mounting the coils both horizontally and vertically, even diagonally. I'm not saying the 3-post deck suck... not at all, but there is less room and it's better suited for more standard builds. I've seen people put quad coils on the 3 post as well though.

The liquid feed design and airflow design on this atomizer is quite unique as you can see. I guess it's best explained in the illustration. The juice comes in from the bottom while the air comes in from the sides hitting the coils directly if you keep them high enough. Actually it's quite easy to adjust this, as you can just peek into the air holes on the side. If you can see your coils, you're good. I've seen some people complaining that the airflow is not adjustable enough, but in my opinion I think it works perfectly. Twisting the rubber vapeband, and having the option of 2 or 4 holes in them, you can adjust it exactly the way you like it. Personally, for the build I'm on now, which is the dual Clapton build I talked about, I use the 2 hole band with the holes fully open. Some say it will make a whining noise if you cover up the air holes a bit. Well it does make some sound but I'd say it's barely noticeable and I honestly don't see a problem with that. Then again, personal preference I guess, some people like their tanks quiet, some don't care. I mean if you're going to use this tank to it's full potential your coils are going to make some noise anyway.

The drip tip is also quite special. It's quite short and is fitted with what Steamcrave calls spit-back protection, which works very well. I guess the illustration on this is quite self explanatory as well. Another example of how much thought they've actually put behind this tank.

Filling the tank is done through the bottom. You unscrew the bottom section, build-deck and all. This gives you access to the holes that the juice comes out from. It's pretty easy to fill and you don't even need a needle tip to do it. Actually I believe you can just poor the juice in there as there is 8 holes which will let the air out easily as long as you tip the tank slightly. Never mind if you got some juice left that won't go down the holes... it's coming out the same way anyway. Some might say that they could have made this fillable from the top, and well yeah they could probably, and it might even have helped them sell more as top-filling is kind of hot right now. On the other hand I see an advantage doing it this way... you can actually inspect your coils every time you fill, so you'll see when they start to get clogged up and ready for some dry burning and fresh wicks. 

All in all I think this tank is a dream to use. Easy to build, easy to fill and you have loads of setup options. You can even choose between hex and Phillips screws on the 3-post deck, don't think there's room for Phillips on the 2-post though. It's even easy to clean as none of the parts have these inaccessible spots where water gets stuck no matter how much you shake, wipe and blow. Having the 6ml top cap is also great, as you can easily end up with quite thirsty builds on this one.

You've got a lot of options when it comes to builds, airflow and so on with this tank, so I guess performance depends on how you set it up. That being said, you'll get a lot of good ideas online, and the 3 different setups I've used so has performed amazingly well. The flavour I'd say is at least as good, if not better than on the UD Goblin Mini I reviewed last week ... and I said that one was on par with some of my drippers. I've run it all the way up to 60 watts (still all I've got at the moment) and it has no problem keeping up. The setups I've tried so far is a dual horizontal Clapton on the 2-post coming out at around 0.4 Ohms, a standard dual horizontal coil (28 AWG) on the 3-post at around the same Ohms and the 0.3 Ohm kanthal OCC head. All have been amazing, but I'd say the Clapton gives the best flavour and vapour, although it needs a bit of pre-heating to get going. The OCC also works very well even if it's doesn't taste and perform quite as well as the other setups. It gets surprisingly close though, and I'd it is the best tasting OCC setup I've tried so far, so if you're just looking for a sub-ohm tank the OCC package of the Aromamizer is great option.

Pros and cons
++ Great flavour
++ Great vapour production
++ Loads of options
+ All tools and spares included
+ Easy to use
+ Great fan-club on facebook ( and they get a lot of kudos for listening to their customers.
- Looks (if that matters to you)
- The Allen key was kind of soft so you can't really use much force or it will become unusable pretty quickly.

Go get one! Price wise it's not bad either, you get the SC200 kit (or the SC200-S) for $39.99 at I would recommend getting the 2-post deck though, which you can either buy separately, as an upgrade or in a bundle. Actually I'd say go for the bundle and a couple of OCC heads for your vacation. Worth every penny.

Thanks to Maggie at Steamcrave for offering a decent discount so I could get all the extras (and then some) and do this review properly.

Vapour UK

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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

The e-cigarette debate in Norway: Government tricked into implementing the TPD?

Last week the Norwegian government, or actually two of the governing parties, announced that they want to allow selling e-cigarettes and e-liquid containing nicotine here in Norway. Regular readers of this blog might have read my posts on the subject last week, and if you haven't I hope you'll find them time to read them now. In short, it turned out that the government is really preparing to implement the TPD, and the Norwegian Union of Vapers (NDS) responded to this, exposing the governments hoax and what looks more like an attempt to win votes among vapers than a real effort to facilitate access to vaping products like they claim to be doing. This has revived the e-cigarette debate here in Norway quite a bit.

On Wednesday, the day after they covered Kjell Marius Jenssens critique, Dagbladet published another article with a not so positive angle. In this article Tom K. Grimsrud sadly gets to express his love for big pharma NRTs, claiming that there is to much optimism and too little caution. All of this of course based on ... we don't know enough about long term effects yet. The way I see it, since Grimsrud admits he is probably one of the few people left in Norway that does not know enough yet, he should be excluded from the debate. The article is not all bad news though, as Karl Erik Lund is also allowed to balance things out a bit. At the end of the article Grimsrud states that "E-cigarettes are not magic wands". There are millions of people that would strongly disagree with you on this, Grimsrud! In fact, magic wand is a description I think a lot of people would use when talking about their experience with e-cigs.

Cecilie Brein-Karlsen,
fooled by her own bureaucrats?
The same day, an answer to Jenssens critique was published on (the same place Jenssens article was first publised) titled Legal e-cigarettes - not a hoax. It's written by Cecilie Brein-Karlsen from FRP, one of the parties behind the proposal. I'm not going to translate the whole thing. Google's translation should at least give you the main points (the Norwegian word for vapor, "damp" can also mean steam, and it looks like google prefer that one... kind of funny). Brein-Karlsen attacks Jenssen, claiming that he doesn't know what he is talking about when it comes to EEA law, and also manages to claim that a lot of the things Jenssen say about the actual consequences of the TPD is wrong. To make it even worse she actually starts lecturing Jenssen about vaping and e-cigarettes. She claims that it is wrong that all e-cigarettes on the market today will be gone with nicotine limit directive stipulates. Obviously, she is the one with absolutely no clue what she's talking about here, but still she's trying to convince people that she is the expert. I have to admit I was lost for words that day, so I went ahead and posted a review I had already prepared instead of the rant that was building up inside  my head. I believe that was a wise decision.

The next day however, we're on Thursday now, I was amazed to see that Jenssen managed to keep his cool and another answer was published. 
It is very obvious that neither the State Secretary, or her department,  have the faintest idea of ​​what they are trying to regulate and what Article 20 of the EU's tobacco directive is all about.
Spot on! Jenssens angle on this is that FRP's and Høyre's statements in this case indicates that they've been mislead to actually believe they're doing the right thing:
Brein-Karlsens response is otherwise virtually identical to the answers that Morten Wold and others from FRP has given the media and our members in recent days.The answer is therefore probably written by the health bureaucrats behind the consultation paper and the draft amendment.
He continues to give a lot of references to actual science and real-life statistics that the bureaucrats probably "forgot" to mention to their employers (some of Farsalinos' research, the PHE report etc.). He also points out Farsalinos harsh criticism of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health's report on e-cigarettes earlier this year. 

Another important issue brought up in this debate, is whether Norway are legally committed to implement the TPD or not. We're not a member state of the EU, but we are a member of the EEA. The governing parties claim that this means we are legally committed to implement it. However, we already have an exception from the existing ban on Snus here in Norway, just like Sweden. We also have a state monopoly on all alcoholic beverages with more than 4.7% alcohol. Brein-Karlsen writes that Jenssen needs to familiarize himself with EEA law. What Brein-Karlsen seems to be unaware of (which is kind of scary for a governing politician) is that Norway (and the other EEA countries) can use their "reservation right" to reject any part of EU legislation. The problem is that this reservation right have never been used before, and we don't really know how the EU will react to this. In other words, the question isn't whether we can choose to reject the TPD or not, but whether our politicians dare to stand up to the EU or not. Seems to me like Brein-Karlsen is the one who needs to do some reading, not Jenssen.

The justification used for keeping the state monopoly on alcohol when Norway entered the EEA was public health considerations. I can't really see why this cannot be applied to e-cigarettes as well, but I'm no legal expert. In any case I think it's important that Norwegian vapers also continue to fight alongside their fellow European vapers against the TPD, as this will affect us in one way or another anyway.

In my opinion, with this last answer Jenssen shines a light on a big part of the problem: The politicians, that are going to decide the faith of vaping, have no clue what it is and they're fed the wrong information by the wrong kind of people. Hopefully, as the debate goes on, vapers and their organisations are also able to get their voices heard, and hopefully this will open some eyes.
NDS are sorry that we insinuated that Høie and Wold were lying to the public. The last days events have shown that they probably did not consciously try to bluff someone, but that they themselves may have been fooled.
NDS have done a fantastic job the last weeks getting the message out. Keep up the good work!

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