Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Review: Aromamizer Plus RDTA by Steamcrave

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I might as well start this review by saying I am a big fan of the Aromamizer series from Steamcrave. I've reviewed the original Aromamizer, the V2 and the Supreme and I've loved all of them. Out of all the atomizers I own or have owned, the Aromamizer V2 is the one I've used the most. I've tested quite a few atomizers, and quite a few great ones as well that I still use quite often, but I still make sure I have an Aromamizer V2 with my favourite juice available at all times.

My life have been quite busy lately (well actually for quite a while to be honest, as you might have noticed since it's been a while since my last post) so I haven't really had much time to keep track of the vaping market... or politics and science for that matter. I did, however, notice that one of my facebook notifications said something about Steamcrave a couple of weeks ago. I have to say I was a bit surprised when I clicked it and saw what madness Steamcrave was up to so just had to ask one of our Norwegian vapeshop owners if this thing was for real. One thing led to another and some days later Michael from sent me an Aromamizer Plus RDTA for review. Then I started wondering... do I even have a mod that I can pair this 30mm monster with?

In the box

Standard kit:
  • The Aromamizer Plus RDTA (10ml) including drip tip
  • Spare 10ml glass tube
  • Vape band
  • Spare o-rings and screws 
  • Allen key
  • 510 drip tip adaptor
  • User manual 
5 ml conversion kit:  
  • 5ml chimney
  • 2 x 5ml glass tubes
20 ml extension kit:
  • Extension chimney 
  • 2 x 20ml glass tubes 
The kit that was sent to me contained both extra kits and you can buy this as a bundle with everything included. (I guess the bundle kit is the one available at

        • 30mm diameter
        • 37.95mm / 48.24mm / 59.65mm / 81.75mm height including driptip (Dripper / 5ml / 10ml / 20ml mode)
        • Can be set up as a dripper or 5/10/20 ml tank
        • Postless deck, single or dual coil setups
        • Adjustable airflow control
        • Adjustable juiceflow
        • Top filling

          Look and feel

          The Aromamizer Plus comes in Stainless Steel, Black or Gun Metal and it does resemble the Supreme quite a bit when it comes to design. It is bigger though... in fact it's huge. As I said in the beginning I was wondering what mod I could pair it up with, and the conclusion I came to was that I need a bigger mod. I ended up using my Reuleux RX200, which is powerful enough but not quite big enough to handle a 30mm atty without having it stick out a bit on the sides. I see people use this with the IJOY Limitless LUX Dual 26650 and that looks pretty awesome. It's a pretty heavy setup that I probably wouldn't take for a night out, but for using at home or at work it's pretty awesome. Build quality seems too be very good as well. To be perfectly honest, the Aromamizer series doesn't look stunning to me. I mean they all look pretty ok, but there are nicer looking atties out there.

          In use

          When I first got this atty out of the box I did have quite a hard time getting it apart. I had to use some rubber gloves to unscrew the top lid (the part you unscrew to fill from the top) and the chimney. There is knurling on both these parts to help you out, but the parts they are screwed into does not have this knurling and there is not that much metal to grab hold of. I've seen people complain about this, and I've even seen some breaking their glass tubes in the process so be careful... and use rubber gloves or something like that. Actually, once I put on the rubber gloves it wasn't that hard. Once you get it apart and get it lubed up a bit, put some juice on all the o-rings you can find, it's a whole different thing. It then seems like all the threading is nice an smooth and both the juice flow control and the airflow control is smooth as hell. The only exception is the top lid that might be kind of tricky to get on. What I've done is twisting it counter clockwise until I feel it kind of clicks into place and then once the threads are properly lined up it's nice and smooth. Takes a bit of practice though. Apart from this, the top filling is excellent, with some nice big fill holes that you can literately just pour juice into.

          The postless build deck is very spacious and easy to build on. It can fit some huge coils. Steamcrave claims it can fit 6mm internal diameter coils, and I have no problem believing them. I ended up with a dual fused clapton build with 3mm internal diameter that fit without any problems at all. Wicking it is pretty straight forward and easy. I've cut my wicks so they just reach the bottom of the deck on the outside and it seems to work very well. No wicking problems at all when I run this setup at 100W. I have tried it up to 200W and it works as well as long as you don't fire it for several seconds.

          The setup I've been using ended up at around 0.16 ohms, and I've been running it at 100W, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that it will be pretty damn thirsty. Then again, you have quite a bit of juice capacity available if you want. I did actually have to refill my 10ml some time in the evening even when I had filled all the way up in the morning, but they I was home from work anyway so I didn't really need to bring extra juice. And if you're going to be out all day ... you have the 20ml option. I'd say the 10 and 20 ml options makes this atty excellent for all day high wattage vaping using it exclusively. Then you have the 5ml and dripper options that I for one would use if I was brining several setups somewhere or just using it at home in the evening.

          As I said both the juiceflow and the airflow control rings are nice and smooth once you get some juice on them. You get plenty of air, and I've had no leaking issues whatsoever. 


          I think the thing that makes me keep using my Aromamizers as much as I do is the combination of great flavour and great vapor production. I usually set up my V2s for around 50-60W so I get quite a lot of vapor, but it still tastes fantastic. The Aromamizer Plus just takes this one step further. It can be set up for even more vapor, but it still manages to keep the great flavour. My expectations were pretty high before I tried this one, and I was not disappointed. I don't think there is much more to say about that, except... try it. Giraffe happy!

          Pros and cons

          +++ Great flavour and vapor production
          ++ Great spacious build deck, very easy to set up
          + Easy to use and clean
          + 4 different modes and sizes
          + Huge juice capacity
          + 100W all day setup
          - Hard to get apart out of the box
          - Top lid threading could have been smoother


          I love it. It's huge and wonderful. I wouldn't bring it to a party or anywhere where I need to worry about weight, but for everyday use at work or just at home it's excellent. The only thing that worries me bit is how this will affect my juice budget. The price of this atty isn't bad either, you get the bundle with all options for $59 (NOK 599,- at while the standard kit is $55. $4 for both extra kits is kind of a no-brainer if you ask me.

          Thanks a lot to Michael at for sending me this atty for review.

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