Thursday, 14 January 2016

Juice Review: Waxahachie, Nanabozho and Coyote Coconut by Manabush

The Manabush "Original range" are all based on their original product, the Powwow Sauce, which is supposed to be a sweet tobacco blend. Manabush has mixed this with lots of different goodies, like banana, coconut and gingerbread to create a whole range of juices. Coincidentally, the 3 goodies mentioned above are all found in the 3 samples sent to me by for this review. 

Tested on: Smok TFV4 mini (Clapton RTA @ 0.6 Ω, 40 watts)

Gingerbread and chocolate, according to the description. A combination I'm not used to at all. Smelling the juice, I'm not really sure what to think, maybe there is some chocolate there but I can't smell the gingerbread. Vaping it however, I do get the gingerbread as well as the chocolate. However I really don't get that much of a tobacco flavour from this one. Quite a nice, warm flavour, almost like it was made to enjoy during Christmas.

Tested on: Smok TFV4 mini (Clapton RTA @ 0.6 Ω, 40 watts)

Smells like banana, tastes like banana. Again I don't really get that much tobacco, but rather a sweet biscuit base and loads of ripe banana on top. And the good thing is that this one doesn't get sickening after a while like some banana flavours tend to do (IMO at least). Actually I think I'd have no problems using this as an all day vape, even if it is quite a sweet juice. My favourite of the three.

Coyote coconut
Tested on: Smok TFV4 mini (Clapton RTA @ 0.6 Ω, 40 watts)

Again, no tobacco flavour, but both smells and tastes like very sweet coconut. I'd say it reminds me a lot of one of my favourite Christmas treats, coconut macaroons. I could it tons of these during Christmas when I was a kid. Actually I probably still can, but luckily for my health I don't live with my mother any more so I don't have free access. Another great juice from Manabush.

Now as you can see I didn't get much of a tobacco feeling from any of these three juices, but honestly, that doesn't matter that much. They're all great juices and I wouldn't mind trying out the rest of the range either, based on my experience with these.

Thanks to for sending me these juices for review.

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