Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Juice review: Urban Cloudz concentrates, part 2

Denne omtalen er også tilgjengelig på Norsk
Time for part two of my Urban Cloudz concentrates review. The summer here in Norway have been pretty ... uhm ... unstable so far so it has been a good thing trying out these juices the last weeks. The two subjects of today's review are both juices that have made me get just a little bit of summer feeling even though it has been raining cats and dogs at times here.


Tested on: SQuape X[dream] (Single Clapton @ 0.44 ohms, 30-35 watts)

A mix of peaches and berries that smells like summer. There are probably both strawberry and peaches in this one like the picture suggests, and I wouldn't be surprised if they've put some more berries in there as well. The thing with this one is that I feel the different flavours blend together so you get the feeling you're vaping ... well what the name suggests actually: Peaches and berries. Not any specific berries... just berries. So it doesn't just smell like summer... it tastes like it as well.

Twister Freezy

Tested on: Steamcrave Aromamizer V2 (Dual Clapton @ 0.2 ohms, 55-60 watts)

I said in my first Urban Cloudz review that I was looking forward to trying the Freezy version of Twister. Well to be honest there is not much more to be said about this juice. I recommend going back to part one, read that and add Koolada. It tastes like Twister with Koolada added to get that cooling effect. Simple as that. Does it make it better? Well, I guess that is a matter of personal preference, but I think it does. The Freezy version is even more of a summer vape if you ask me. Great juice all day vape.

Thanks a lot to Dag Einar at for making this review possible.
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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Juice review: Urban Cloudz concentrates, part 1

Denne omtalen er også tilgjengelig på Norsk
It's been a while since I've posted now... again. Sorry about that. Things have been pretty busy at work and in my life in general. Feels like whenever I find something interesting to write about I never have the time to do it before it's all old news. Hopefully I'll get some more time to write soon. Luckily I have some good friends though, that keeps sending me stuff for reviews for which I can do all the research and testing on the move :) So it's time for another concentrate review, this time from Urban Cloudz which is a UK company based in Bristol according to their website. I've got 5 of these concentrates, and I'll start with three of them today.


Tested on: SQuape X[dream] (Single Clapton @ 0.44 ohms, 30-35 watts)

Smells of delicious raspberry and supposed to imitate blue raspberry slush, which I think it does pretty well. They've used koolada to give it that cold feeling which makes it a really fresh juice even though it is quite sweet. It is quite a strong flavour as well, sweet on the inhale with the coolness giving it some extra throat hit in a way and then the raspberries comes forth on the exhale. Easily an all day vape for me and perfect for days like these when the thermometer finally showed more than 20 degrees (Celcius that is).

Lemon Cake

Tested on: Aromamizer V2 (Dual Claptons @ 0.21 ohms, 55-60 watts)

The name says it all I guess when it comes to what this one is supposed to taste like. I've actually tried a few lemon/lime cake or pie kind of juices and to be honest I've liked almost all of them (if not all). So I was expecting this one to be good as well, especially after I smelled it. And it was indeed. We have some pretty good lemon cake variants sold in stores here in Norway (and I wouldn't be surprised if they're widely available elsewhere as well). Kind of prism shaped ones with frosting on top, and I kind of like those. This juice reminds me a lot of them, but with more lemon, which works out great in my opinion. Really freshens it up a bit, making this another all day vape from Urban Cloudz.


Tested on: SQuape X[dream] (Single Clapton @ 0.44 ohms, 30-35 watts)

Imitating a famous lolly that I can't really say I can remember how tasted. I'm pretty sure I have tasted it though, but I was more of a vanilla ice cream kid I guess. Anyway, this smells deliciously fruity. Just from the illustration photo I imagine it's strawberry in the center and lime/lemon and cream twisted around it. And that is pretty much what it smells and tastes like as well. More of the lime on the inhale and then the creamy strawberry comes into play on the exhale. Really fresh summer vape if you ask me. It does really feel kind of like vaping melted ice cream. Looking forward to trying the Twister Freezy as well.

Thanks a lot to Dag Einar at for making this review possible.
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  • These products were sent to me for free for the purpose of this review. 
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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Juice Review: Copsa consentrates

I remember when I was a kid my family used to go to Denmark on vacation almost every summer and one of the highlights of the trip for me was the licorice ice cream that I couldn't get in Norway. If you love licorice, you should travel to Denmark, cause I do believe that Danish kids are secretly fed some kind of magic licorice liquid instead of mothers milk, which kind of makes them the experts. So what Copsa is probably doing is stealing this stuff from the factories (which I'm sure exists) and use it to make e-liquids. At least they seem to have specialized in licorice juices.

Black Copsa

Tested on: Steamcrave Aromamizer V2 (Dual Ni80/Kanthal claptons @ 0.4 ohms, 55-65 watts)

Delicious salty licorice. More salty on the inhale, sweeter on the exhale, leaving you with a delicious sweet aftertaste . I vaped the whole 50 ml bottle in just a few days. Very authentic licorice, probably one of the best I've ever tasted. I really don't think there is much more to say about this one. If you're into licorice e-liquids like me, you have to try this one. Awesome juice.

Rustne Søm

Tested on: SQuape X[dream] (Dual Ni80/Kanthal Clapton @ 0.37 ohms, 30-35 watts)

"Rustne søm" means "Rusty nail" and this is Copsa's take on a popular kind of candy both in Denmark and Norway at least (in Norway it's called "Rustne spiker"). It's a hard licorice candy, both sweet and salty I'd say, shaped like nails with licorice dust on the outside to imitate the rust and it is indeed one of my favourites from my childhood. It's been quite a while since I've tasted it so I'm pleased that Copsa have managed to replicate the flavour pretty much spot on. A bit stronger and saltier on the inhale and more of the sweetness on the exhale. Another fantastic juice.

Bat Mouse

Tested on: Wotofo Serpent Mini (Twisted kanthal @ 0.72 ohms, 25 watts)

Imitating licorice and strawberry wine gum. The strawberry candy flavour is, according to my taste buds, the dominant flavour here, but the licorice is definitely there, especially on the exhale. Good all day vape for me. According to the label on the bottle this one should be mixed at only 10% flavouring, which means you get 100ml's of finished juice from the little 10ml bottle. Great value for your money there.

I really loved these juices, especially the pure licorice ones. I mean I liked the Bat Mouse a lot as well (and I'll probably get more as it's a great all day vape and very affordable since it's mixed at 10%), but the pure licorice flavours are just heavenly in my opinion.

Thanks a lot to Dag Einar at for making this review possible.
  • All my reviews are my honest opinion even if I am affiliated with the company manufacturing or selling the product.
  • These products were sent to me for free for the purpose of this review. 
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Friday, 14 April 2017

Juice Review: Mount Baker Vapor flavour concentrates, Part 3

Denne omtalen er også tilgjengelig på Norsk

I've been smelling the five juices that I'm going to review in this last part of my Mount Baker concentrates review series for weeks now while they've been steeping in a dark and mysterious place. Some of them smell just fantastic so I suspect I'm going to have a hard time picking any favourites this time as well.

Jungle juice

Tested on: Steamcrave Aromamizer Plus (Dual fused claptons @ 0.16 ohms, 100 watts)

The jungle juice another fruit/menthol mix, just like Thug Juice and Hawk Sauce that are currently among my favourites from this range. So it wasn't really much of a surprise that I really like this juice as well. This time we're talking tropical fruits and menthol, and the menthol is a bit stronger I believe. It's an excellent all day vape for me, fresh and fruity, perfect for the summer days I hope will come soon. Great juice!


Tested on: Geekvape Ammit (Ni80/Kanthal Clapton @ 0.8 ohms, 30-35 watts)

Now this one smells fantastic. Ripe strawberries and bananas... I mean that sounds pretty damn good doesn't it? And it tastes really, really good as well. Pretty sweet as you would expect, and they've managed to balance it really well. In several banana juices I've tried, I've found that the banana tends to be overpowering and after a while I just taste the banana, but not in this one. Another damn good juice this one, also great for long summer days.


Tested on: Geekvape Ammit (Ni80/Kanthal Clapton @ 0.8 ohms, 30-35 watts)

Smelling this I immediately came to think of the Sarsaparilla juice from Decadent Vapors that I reviewed quite a while ago. I really loved that juice and I really love this one as well. It's been quite a while since I tasted the Sarsaparilla so I can't really compare them head to head but I think they are quite similar flavours and to be honest I really don't know how to describe the flavour, and I can't say I've ever tasted the drinks they are supposed to mimic either, but I'm pretty sure I'd love them as well. I'm not sure they are available here in Norway at all, at least I haven't seen it in any stores, but if anyone know where to get them here, please let me know. Just smelling this juice I suspected it would become one of my favourites... I was not wrong.

Caramel coffee

Tested on: Steamcrave Aromamizer Plus (Dual fused claptons @ 0.16 ohms, 100 watts)

Smells like heaven, especially in the morning. I was unlucky and spilled like half of my 50ml bottle in the sink when I was going to fill a smaller bottle with this juice. To bad actually, cause I quite like it. The flavour, however, is very easily affected by other flavours. By that I mean it needs to be accompanied by the correct flavours ... or simply nothing, like when you wake up in the morning and nothing else has hit your tastebuds yet. Vaping it after brushing your teeth, chewing gum or after vaping certain other juices really affects the flavour, and not always in a good way. I haven't really done any testing to find good combinations with this juice, but I'm sure they exist... and I am going to try it with a good cognac as soon as I get some more of it. If anyone have any other suggestions, feel free to comment. All in all, I'd say this is definitely not an all day vape for me as it depends too much on other flavours. But it can be fantastic if you pair it with the correct ones. So next time I'll do some more testing and I'll leave a batch of this one steeping for special occasions.

Forestberry fusion

Tested on: Steamcrave Aromamizer V2 (Dual claptons @ 0.4 ohms, 70 watts)

The last juice in this review series is a berry tart mix with some creamy notes. Really nice and smooth and well balanced. I get quite a bit of cherry, especially on the inhale, and it's accompanied with more of the other berries on the exhale. I can't really put my finger on exactly which berries they've put in there, but I guess there is some blueberry at least. Pretty sweet juice, without tasting artificial at all. A great way to finish this review series I'd say.

From the previous reviews I do have a top three list of Mount Baker juices which consists of Hawk Sauce, Thug Juice and Cinnamon roll. After tasting the five juices in this part, I find it almost impossible to just have a top three. So I'll just give up. These juices are just too different. I'd say that just now, while I'm at my desk writing this I prefer some Rootbeer, but once I go outside I'd pick up some Jungle juice... and then tomorrow morning I'm probably in the mood for some Caramel coffee. In any case I have no problem recommending all of these five last ones.

Thanks a lot to Dag Einar at for making this review possible.
  • All my reviews are my honest opinion even if I am affiliated with the company manufacturing or selling the product.
  • These products were sent to me for free for the purpose of this review. 
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Friday, 31 March 2017

Review: SMOK Stick V8 Kit

Denne omtalen er også tilgjengelig på Norsk.

When I first started vaping I started with an Ego-T kit. Pretty basic stuff, with no power adjustment or anything like that on the battery. Not long after I started I remember those spinner batteries was released where you could twist the bottom to adjust the output voltage. Don't think I had many of those cause I soon moved on to mech mods and genesis atomizers, and then, in time I decided to try out some of the many regulated box mods that started to hit the market. I still mainly use regulated devices in all different shapes and sizes, except tube shaped ones. When I think of it it has been ages since I used a tube shaped mod or battery. So I guess it's about time I try one then.

Quite a lot of these kits with tube shaped batteries have been released lately.
They've got just one button, no power adjustment, just 5 clicks to turn on or off. Many of them are quite big as well, like 22-25 mm diameter, and some come with pretty crazy sub-ohm tanks in the kit as well. Kind of like an ego battery on steroids... with bad-ass tanks and with a normal 510 connection. Come to think of it, the 5 click on/off and the basic shape is probably what is left of the Ego heritage. The SMOK Stick V8 Kit that I'm reviewing today is one of those kits. It's name makes you think of big ass car engines... so you'll expect some serious power from this, right?

In the box
  • Smok V8 Battery
  • Smok Big Baby Beast
  • V8 Baby-M2 Core (0.15 ohm) (installed)
  • V8 Baby-M2 Core (0.25 ohm)
  • USB charging cable
  • Bag of spares (O-rings and sealing pad)
  • Vape band
  • User manual
        Smok V8 Battery:
        • Dimensions: 24.5*75mm
        • 3000mAh Battery Capacity
        • Voltage Range: 3.4V - 4.2V
        • LED Battery Life Indicator
        • Stainless Steel Construction
        • Stainless Steel 510 Threads
        • Spring Loaded 510 Pin
        • Micro USB Port (Charging)
        TFV8 BIG Baby Beast:
        • Dimensions: 56*24.5mm
        • 5.0mL Tank Capacity
        • Stainless Steel Construction
        • Glass Tank Section
        • Dual Cyclops Adjustable Airflow
        • Top Fill System
        • Wide Bore Delrin Drip Tip
        • Swivel Action Top Fill

            Look and feel

            The kit comes in 7 different colors as far as I know. I've got the black one, which I think looks pretty good. Personally I could use the red and the silver one as well. The whole kit feels pretty solid, no button rattling at all and the airflow control and top filling is nice and smooth. Not too loose and not to tight. Overall a nice looking tube-style kit that seems to be pretty well built.

            In use

            The kit is indeed very easy to use. The mod has only one button and the standard 5 clicks to turn it on and off. It is also supposed to have an intelligent battery indicator system that according to the Smok website will have the ring around the fire button flash 4 times whenever you take a puff and then 15 times once your battery is below 3.3V and it's time to charge. Mine just lights up when I take a puff though. However, if I unscrew the tank it will blink 4 times once I hit the button. Not quite sure how this is supposed to indicate how much battery I have left, maybe the speed of the flashing or something like that. Now I've had limited opportunities to do more testing on this, as the battery seems to last me the whole day anyway.

            The tank of course has the swivel action top fill system that we know from all the TFV tanks, which works great. Easy to refill on the go with no risk of fumbling and loosing your top-cap in the toilet or something stupid like that. Not that this has ever happened to me. The airflow control is nice and smooth, and the tank is easy to take apart for cleaning and changing coils. I've had some minor leaking issues right after refilling though. Not quite sure what to do about it, but it's not a huge problem. Only happens if I fill it and then leave it without vaping a bit on it before I put it away.


            This thing performs pretty damn good to be honest. The battery output depends on the current state of the battery and is supposed to range from 4.2 to 3.4 V. Then there is also a 20A continuous discharge limit and it is supposed to give you 30-45W according to ... the internet. All this, again according to the internet, is called smart mechanical style output, which I don't really have the exact details on and I haven't done any testing either. What I do know ... is that the battery delivers a perfect amount of power for the included V8 Baby-M2 Core coils that are supposed to be designed for this output system. You'll get a lot of vapor and great flavour from this setup, and the battery time is awesome. It lasts me all day, at least now when I can't vape inside at work any more. 

            The 0.15 Ohm head will give you bigger clouds, obviously, and the 0.25 is supposed to give you more flavour. I haven't really tested the flavour head to head, as I've used the two heads with different juices, but it makes sense. I have to say I am impressed and a bit surprised by how great this kit performs both when it comes to flavour and vapor.

            Pros and cons

            + Great performance
            + Great battery time
            + Great flavour
            + Extremely easy to use
            + Price
            - Battery time indicator system


            Again... I'm impressed with the power, performance and flavour of this kit. It's also quite nice to vape on a tubed shaped device for a change, as it is a bit more handy than the box mods I usually carry around. You get a lot of fun for your money (NOK 429,00 at with the Stick V8 kit, so if you're looking for a powerful, flavourful and extremely easy to use kit I recommend you give this a try.

            Thanks a lot to for making this review possible.

            • All my reviews are my honest opinion even if I am affiliated with the company manufacturing or selling the product.
            • This product was sent to me for free for the purpose of this review.
            • This review does not contain affiliate links.