Friday, 14 April 2017

Juice Review: Mount Baker Vapor flavour concentrates, Part 3

Denne omtalen er også tilgjengelig på Norsk

I've been smelling the five juices that I'm going to review in this last part of my Mount Baker concentrates review series for weeks now while they've been steeping in a dark and mysterious place. Some of them smell just fantastic so I suspect I'm going to have a hard time picking any favourites this time as well.

Jungle juice

Tested on: Steamcrave Aromamizer Plus (Dual fused claptons @ 0.16 ohms, 100 watts)

The jungle juice another fruit/menthol mix, just like Thug Juice and Hawk Sauce that are currently among my favourites from this range. So it wasn't really much of a surprise that I really like this juice as well. This time we're talking tropical fruits and menthol, and the menthol is a bit stronger I believe. It's an excellent all day vape for me, fresh and fruity, perfect for the summer days I hope will come soon. Great juice!


Tested on: Geekvape Ammit (Ni80/Kanthal Clapton @ 0.8 ohms, 30-35 watts)

Now this one smells fantastic. Ripe strawberries and bananas... I mean that sounds pretty damn good doesn't it? And it tastes really, really good as well. Pretty sweet as you would expect, and they've managed to balance it really well. In several banana juices I've tried, I've found that the banana tends to be overpowering and after a while I just taste the banana, but not in this one. Another damn good juice this one, also great for long summer days.


Tested on: Geekvape Ammit (Ni80/Kanthal Clapton @ 0.8 ohms, 30-35 watts)

Smelling this I immediately came to think of the Sarsaparilla juice from Decadent Vapors that I reviewed quite a while ago. I really loved that juice and I really love this one as well. It's been quite a while since I tasted the Sarsaparilla so I can't really compare them head to head but I think they are quite similar flavours and to be honest I really don't know how to describe the flavour, and I can't say I've ever tasted the drinks they are supposed to mimic either, but I'm pretty sure I'd love them as well. I'm not sure they are available here in Norway at all, at least I haven't seen it in any stores, but if anyone know where to get them here, please let me know. Just smelling this juice I suspected it would become one of my favourites... I was not wrong.

Caramel coffee

Tested on: Steamcrave Aromamizer Plus (Dual fused claptons @ 0.16 ohms, 100 watts)

Smells like heaven, especially in the morning. I was unlucky and spilled like half of my 50ml bottle in the sink when I was going to fill a smaller bottle with this juice. To bad actually, cause I quite like it. The flavour, however, is very easily affected by other flavours. By that I mean it needs to be accompanied by the correct flavours ... or simply nothing, like when you wake up in the morning and nothing else has hit your tastebuds yet. Vaping it after brushing your teeth, chewing gum or after vaping certain other juices really affects the flavour, and not always in a good way. I haven't really done any testing to find good combinations with this juice, but I'm sure they exist... and I am going to try it with a good cognac as soon as I get some more of it. If anyone have any other suggestions, feel free to comment. All in all, I'd say this is definitely not an all day vape for me as it depends too much on other flavours. But it can be fantastic if you pair it with the correct ones. So next time I'll do some more testing and I'll leave a batch of this one steeping for special occasions.

Forestberry fusion

Tested on: Steamcrave Aromamizer V2 (Dual claptons @ 0.4 ohms, 70 watts)

The last juice in this review series is a berry tart mix with some creamy notes. Really nice and smooth and well balanced. I get quite a bit of cherry, especially on the inhale, and it's accompanied with more of the other berries on the exhale. I can't really put my finger on exactly which berries they've put in there, but I guess there is some blueberry at least. Pretty sweet juice, without tasting artificial at all. A great way to finish this review series I'd say.

From the previous reviews I do have a top three list of Mount Baker juices which consists of Hawk Sauce, Thug Juice and Cinnamon roll. After tasting the five juices in this part, I find it almost impossible to just have a top three. So I'll just give up. These juices are just too different. I'd say that just now, while I'm at my desk writing this I prefer some Rootbeer, but once I go outside I'd pick up some Jungle juice... and then tomorrow morning I'm probably in the mood for some Caramel coffee. In any case I have no problem recommending all of these five last ones.

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