Thursday, 30 July 2015

Norwegian Directorate of Health goes to war against Norwegian e-cig retailers

The Norwegian Directorate of Health recently sent out a warning to all the major Norwegian vape-shops, instructing them to remove all positive coverage and all pictures of their products from their web-sites. I believe, an excellent Norwegian vaping blog, dedicated to consumer information and safety, was the first to report this here in Norway last week:
All the major Norwegian retailers have these days received a threatening letter from the Directorate of Health that takes on the entire industry. In terms like "promotion of tobacco-related substitutes" and "Discounted rates" they have, with no concrete evidence, juxtaposed vapor to smoke and smokeless tobacco. Meanwhile, they continue to refer to Nicotine Gum and nicotine spray as good alternatives to tobacco. This in spite that the vaping equipment in itself contains no nicotine, nor do any of the retailers contacted sell nicotine-containing products.

Our Norwegian retailers obviously see this as particularly unfounded and unfair .. and I do too. It is completely wrong to compare the vaping; with or without nicotine (or batteries for that matter) with tobacco .. or any other substitutes. Hence the retailers are gearing up for the battle to retain their rights to sell user equipment.
(Read the full article here. It's in Norwegian but hopefully Google translate will do a decent job)
After this some Norwegian newspapers also reported on the case and thankfully some of the retailers were also allowed to comment along with representatives from the Directorate of Health. Hilde Skyvulstad from the Directorate of Health claims that e-cigarettes are a "tobacco surrogate" and therefore covered by the prohibition of advertising for such products here in Norway. She says that illustrations of e-cigarettes and prices are not allowed other than in black on white and that the "product description shall also be neutral and not give a positive review of the product, regardless of whether the products contain nicotine or not". And she finishes of with a proper threat: "Those who do not comply may be fined". I'm happy to see that none of the retailers I usually visit have complied. I am also very happy to see what Ramzy Zaher, one of the retailers warned, told VG (Norwegian Newspaper) in response to this: He says that the retailers stand united in their case against the Directorate of Health and that there are plans to create a trade union.

One of the Norwegian retailers also published the whole letter on their Facebook-page some days after receiving it. I'm not going to translate the whole thing here. The main point is that advertising for "tobacco surrogates" is illegal in Norway, and that the Directorate of Health views pictures and positive words about the products on the retailers webpages as such advertising. Hence it's illegal they say. The problem here is the definition of "tobacco surrogates" according to the law: "Product who's usage corresponds to tobacco products, but does not contain tobacco". Now of course it's easy to see that using e-cigarettes have some similarities to smoking cigarettes. One can of course argue that e-cigarettes and vaping equipment also differs a lot from smoking cigarettes, but the way this paragraph is written and stands today, I doubt it will get us anywhere. We have to face the fact that the e-cigarette was created as a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes. The problem here is that the paragraph was written before the e-cigarettes hit the market. The intention of the paragraph was probably to stop products that imitated cigarette smoking and that could possibly encourage smoking. A gateway effect in other words. The intention of the paragraph was NOT to stop products that discourage smoking or helps people quit, like vaping does, and it has been proven over and over again that using e-cigarettes is not a gateway to smoking cigarettes. The Directorate of Health knows this very well, I mean they are not crusading against any of big pharma's "tobacco surrogates" are they? Yet they are using a paragraph that obviously works against it's intention, and hence should be revised, to start a war on a product they don't like. In fact it's a product they should be in love with, if their intention is to promote public health. Why? Again, I struggle to find any good reasoning behind this. As much as I'd like to believe that the Directorate of Health is concerned with our health alone, like they should be, their actions and statements simply does not imply this. They are consequently ignoring all evidence supporting e-cigarettes, but they seem to listen to the mumbo jumbo of witch doctors like Sanner and Grimsrud. I'd like to quote Jo Christian at again: 
I do not wish to fuel conspiracy theories, but it is no secret that the "petroleum fund" (Government Pension Fund of Norway) owns and has been owning significant proportions of shares in the tobacco and pharmaceutical industries (have a look here for more info on what shares Norway owns: [...] So what does it really take for the Directorate of Health to see how much vaping has helped ex-smokers all over the world?
Are you sure they're really not seeing it? You'd have to be blind or closing your eyes not to ... I'm not sure which one I find the most scary.

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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Juice Review: Vanille Francaise by Decadent Vapours

I was pretty impressed with the first of the new Decadent Vapours juices I reviewed, the Crème Anglaise, so now my expectations for the rest of them have been (and still are, I've got more to try out) pretty high. This time it's time for some French vanilla.

Vanille Francaise

Tested on: UD Zephyrus (0.13 Ohms nickel, 30-35 Watts, 500 F)

Once again the smell reminds me of some kind of liqueur. Actually it smells kind of similar to the Crème Anglaise to be honest. Starting to wonder if I, or my sense of smell, has gone totally mad, but then again, the vanilla flavour used in both juices are probably the same, and dominating to the smell. Vaping it, I also seem to recognize the same vanilla taste, but this time more on I guess it's more up front. Make no mistake, I get quite a lot of creamy flavour as well, so Decadent Vapours description (creamy French vanilla), is pretty good this time as well. To me it kind of makes sense to compare this juice to the Crème Anglaise, as I pick up several of the same flavours (if not all), but in different amounts. This is also a great juice, and I think it's of course a matter of personal taste which one you like the best. Personally I'd choose the Crème Anglaise, but I honestly think you shoud try both to make up your own mind.

Thanks to Decadent Vapours for sending me the juice for review.

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Friday, 17 July 2015

Juice review: The Notebook by Black Note, Part 1

Black Note produces, according to themselves, "the first lab certified N.E.T.  vapor liquid on the planet". This means they've tested all their juices for contents of different potentially harmful substances, Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl being the ones that seems to be the most worrying ones at the moment. As you can see from the lab reports they've published they all came out pretty clean. I also asked them a bit about clogged up coils, that in my experience have been kind of an issue with N.E.T that I've tried. Black Note say that they do not use any artificial flavors and sweeteners, and a unique extraction process that keeps their juices coil friendly. I've been vaping some of the juices for a while now, and I see no reason to argue with that as I've had no problems with clogged up coils so far.

According to a study by Dr. Farsalinos (read about it here) Naturally Extracted Tobacco e-juices do contain somewhat higher levels of nitrosamines and some other tobacco related substances than conventional e-juice, but we are still talking about very small amounts compared to cigarette smoke. To be honest I'm more concerned about DA and AP levels in e-liquid than these substances. The article I've linked above pretty much sums this up, so I recommend reading it if you're worried. Also I recommend having a look at Black Note's web-page, which is really good with a lot of nice info on their juices and how they are made. You can even customize the labels on the bottles you buy.

The Black Note range consists of 8 tobacco e-liquids, one of them with some mint in it. In the Notebook, that I'm reviewing here, you get 7.5 ml sample bottles of the whole range, nicely packed in a box resembling... big surprise: a Notebook.

I have to say, Black Notes design and packaging is really well done. Their website is great, a lot of good information on their story, how the juices are made, what's in them and so on. I get the impression that nothing is just put out there in a hurry, and there is a good reason for everything they do. The secondary packaging, for example, is not there just cause it looks kind of cool, but it also protects the juice from light. And in addition to that, Black Note even lets you recycle the tubes, giving you a free 30ml bottle of juice if you return 5 tubes. Very consistent with their vision of natural harmony.

All of these things that Black Note have done, the design, the web-site, packaging, and so on, oozes of quality. Really makes you want to try out these juices, but also raise the expectations quite a bit. So are the juices as good as they look? The short and simple answer is: YES!

Well, at least the once I've tried out so far. You see trying out 8 of these juices are going to take a me longer than I thought, for a couple of reasons actually. You see I decided to set up my 2 Hellfire drippers (a V1 and a Raptor for those interrested) for testing these juices, simply because I find those the best ones when it comes to flavour. The problem is that once I started vaping the 2 first juices, I can't really get myself to rebuild the atties before the bottles are empty. They're simply that good. But then again, this also gave me the opportunity to really test if Black Notes' claim that the juices are coil friendly were true, and as I said, I've had no problems with clogged up coils until now. I do get some burnt taste when taking the first couple of draws on the V1 after the coil has been cold for a while, but this goes away pretty quickly so it's not an issue for me. I just do a couple of puffs without inhaling and it goes away.

I've managed to empty the two first bottles I tried, Cadenza and Adagio, and I'm now on number 3 and 4, Forte and Legato, now. All 4 of them are fantastic juices. Very authentic tobacco flavours, as you would expect from N.E.T juices, no artificial feeling whatsoever. All of them taste as natural as the ingredients they're extracted from. Good throat-hit and massive flavour from all of them as well. They're all 50/50 PG/VG which is the only available mixing ratio. As for nicotine they come in 0, 3, 6, 12, 18 and 24mg/ml (the one's I've got are 18).

It's not easy to pick a favourite among these, they all have their own character, being made from different kinds of tobacco. So I'm not going to... for now, and I'm not going too go too deep in the description either, cause I'm not a tobacco expert. I think people, tobacco lovers in particular, should try all of these juices and pick their own favourite. So for this first part I'm just going to give you a short description of the 4 juices I've tried so far, and maybe I'll try to pick a favourite for part 2, that I'll probably be able to do when I get back from vacation in 3 weeks time.

Well balanced, sweet, smoky, woody and some hints of spices. Based on Basma tobacco that some say is the "king of tobaccos". A great one that will complement your cup of coffee nicely.

Sweet with hints of nuts or maybe almonds. To me the nuts or
almonds come across clearly in the smell of the juice, almost have some hints of marzipan. An all day vape candidate. Based on Havana tobaccos.

Made from Burley tobacco. Smooth and sweet both on the inhale and exhale. Maybe hints of nuts in this one as well. Also a great all day vape candidate for me.

Kentucky tobacco this time. Getting kind of a woody, smokey
vibe from this one. First thing that hit me when I tried this one was that this would taste great out in the wild, with a camp fire going and after enjoying a meal you've killed yourself in some way or another. Could very well be the one I'd bring for hunting or fishing.

That's it for now. Fabulous juices these are, and I definitely recommend giving them a try. I'd say it's one of the best tobacco juices I've tried, if not the best. Only House of Liquid comes even close to these in my opinion, and if you like HOL, you'll like these for sure. Can't wait to try out the rest.

UPDATE: Black Note can now be bought at this side of the pond as well, from


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Juice Review: Double Apple by Vapouriz

As I wrote in the Millionaires Menthol review I did earlier, Vapouriz also has a Premium range, which is kind of their regular range I guess, seeing that it's cheaper than the Platinum range. I was pretty impressed by the menthol from the Platinum range, so now it's time to see if their slightly cheaper juices are any good.

Double Apple
Tested on: Aspire Nautilus (Temp. control coil, 20-30 Watts, 490 F)

Having a look at the bottle, I guess Double Apple is a mix of red and green apples. Hence the name I guess. It smells quite authentic, fresh and a bit sweet. The flavour is quite strong as well, but I'm not sure I think it is as authentic as the smell. I get a bit more apple candy feeling, which I have to be honest and say was a little bit disappointing. I mean, if it's apple candy you want it is probably ok, and it's not by any means a horrible taste, but to me it is a bit on the sweet side. Now I have of course tried only one juice from each range, but judging by that I'd say the Platinum range is worth the extra £1 per 10ml. I don't know... just seems like they've put a bit more thought and effort into it. Might also be just me that have been trying quite a few apple based juices lately that I've found a lot better than this.

Thanks to Vapouriz for sending me the juice for review.

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Thursday, 16 July 2015

Four poor lies presented arguing for strict e-cigarette regulation

Tom K. Grimsrud
Tore Sanner
Thought I'd share some news from the ongoing e-cigarette debate here in Norway today. Remember our friends Sanner and Grimsrud that recently published an article in the Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association, in an attempt to convince politicians and medical professionals that e-cigarettes are the devils work and needs to be regulated to death? Well, now they're apparently trying to target the public with their lies and misinformation. They've published an article in Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten's readers options section titled "Four good reasons to regulate e-cigarettes strictly" (Google translation is not that good, but you get the main points). 
There is relatively little and uncertain evidence of the usefulness of electronic cigarettes, while the indications of the potential hazards are numerous.
Yup, this is actually the ingress of their article, and it gives us a pretty good idea of what to expect from the rest of it: lies, lies, lies. They've pretty much decided to turn reality upside down and publish it as truth. I'll skip to their four "good" reasons:
1. "The use of e-cigarettes can normalize smoking and cause the decline in the proportion of smokers who quit. Many think it is worrying that users of e-cigarettes also recruited among never smokers and former smokers."
- Yeah, right... where do I start? First of all smoking is still pretty normal. Stop telling people that it's not. This is of course reality upside down. Vaping will normalize quitting, and eventually it will denormalize smoking. Then there is the fact that Sanner and Grimsruds biggest hero, Stanton Glantz, recently showed us that the quit-ratio has increased since e-cigarettes came along. Finally, their own sources (which they used in the article I mentioned in the beginning), this ASH-report to be specific, tells us that recruitment among never smokers is negligible. So, not a single true word in reason #1 there.
2. Among the never smokers that the e-cigarette appeals to, it is particularly many young people. If e-cigarettes are freely accessible, we can get a significant increase of young users with nicotine addiction and behaviour similar to smoking.
- Same lie as the first one actually. They keep saying that e-cigarettes appeal to never smokers, but again, it turns out it is not. But this one also reveals Sanner and Grimsruds real problem with vaping: behaviour similar to smoking. 
3. There is a danger of double use by enabling users to continue or just cutting down on the traditional cigarettes, and using e-cigarettes as in addition to this, believing that it is beneficial. However, only full cessation seriously reduces disease risk. Unless e-cigarettes are a step towards becoming completely tobacco free, like nicotine patches and chewable tablets are, the e-cigarette is unlikely to have any appreciable effect on disease risk.
- There are millions of people that have started out as double users before quitting completely. Some vapers might never quit completely, true, but that is not a good reason to deny people the option to try, now is it? They are trying to make it look like the e-cigarettes keeps these people smoking, which doesn't make sense at all to anyone who have tried vaping. In fact, try to google "vaping accidental quitter", and you'll find that a lot of people actually plan on double use, using e-cigs for situations where they're not able to smoke, but they end up quitting completely instead. Also, notice that Sanner and Grimsrud are recommending patches and tablets now... so maybe the nicotine isn't their problem anyway, maybe it's still that dreaded behaviour similar to smoking?
4. Although nicotine itself is not considered carcinogenic, recent studies suggest that it may contribute to cancer development and worsen the severity of cancer. Users of tobacco products such as cigarettes and smokeless tobacco have reduced efficacy of cancer treatment, and they have a poorer prognosis. Nicotine is a likely contributing factor in this picture. It may take decades before such long-term effects of e-cigarettes can be uncovered.
- So, if it turns out that nicotine promotes cancer (which I've only seen one study done on rats indicating), why on earth would that be a reason to deny everyone that do not have cancer a fantastic opportunity to quit smoking and by that avoid cancer? Makes absolutely no sense to me. I addition to that I believe this is one of the studies that Sanner and Grimsrud usually refers to when it comes to this. Have a look at how it concludes: Although nicotine might play a role, the mechanisms warrant further investigation. The study shows that users of snus (smokeless tobacco) have a moderately increased cancer-specific mortality, but keep in mind that snus is also tobacco and this study did not investigate what could have caused the increased mortality. They merely pointed out nicotine as a possibility. If you read the whole report, or just the discussion in the end, you'll see that the study has a lot of limitations. Actually it makes a lot of sense that Sanner and Grimsrud likes this study, as it contains a lot of uncertainties, unconfirmed theories and questionable conclusions... exactly what Sanner and Grimsrud wants to base their regulation scheme on.

So, there you have it. Four poor lies presented arguing for strict e-cigarette regulations. Luckily both this last article in Aftenposten and the one from Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association have been heavily criticized in the comments section. Not only by the vaping community, but also by medical professionals and scientists who have done studies on nicotine themselves. Sanner and Grimsruds pretty weak attempts to defend themselves have also been answered and it seems like they've given up on it. It's also worth noting that these articles are published by the authors themselves in sections where the readers can express their opinions, which indicates that the publications themselves probably haven't found their articles newsworthy. It's a shame however that this isn't made clearer, especially in the last case where the target audience is the public who tends to read the headlines and possibly the ingress.  

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Juice Review: Millionaires Menthol by Vapouriz

In addition to their US-inspired Pocket Fuel range, Vapouriz has a Premium and a Platinum range of e-juices. I guess the Platinum range is supposed to be a bit more exclusive, priced £1 higher pr. 10ml than the Premium range. They sent me one of each for review in addition to the Pink Fizz from the Pocket Fuel range. Today I'm reviewing Millionaires Menthol from the Platinum range.

Millionaires Menthol
Tested on: Kanger Sub-tank (RDA @ 0.3 Ohms, 30 Watts)

Millionaires Menthol smells like a pretty strong, icy menthol, and I guess that is what Vapouriz are aiming for as well, describing this juice as an XXL menthol not for the faint hearted. Now I've tried a few menthols, but none as strong as this one. It gives you that same icy feeling of strong menthol lozenges, the kind you still taste when you've caught a bad ass cold and all other tastes are gone. So this juice also pack quite a throat hit then. It doesn't have any twists to it, just pure menthol I guess, and if that is what you're after, this is a great option. Leaves you with the impression that you've got really fresh breath for quite a while after you've vaped it. A good choice for menthol lovers.

Thanks to Vapouriz for sending me the juice for review.

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Monday, 13 July 2015

Juice Review: Creme Anglaise by Decadent Vapours

Not long ago Decadent Vapours released a few new juices and they've asked me to review some of them. I was pretty impressed with their Djinni range og juices so of course I wanted to try these out as well. The first one I tried was a new custard flavour, Crème Anglaise. Now there has been quite a lot of fuzz about Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl lately, especially in custard flavours, so I asked DV a bit about this and they ensured me that all their juices are DA and AP free... they even sent me quite a few examples of lab-tests of the flavour concentrates they're using to prove it. So is it possible to make a great custard without the use of DA or AP? Let's see...

Crème Anglaise

Tested on: UD Zephyrus (0.3 Ohms, 30-35 Watts)

Smelling this juice made me think of Baileys, which I really do like to be honest. So kind of the first thing I did was to go get a cup of coffee to go with it, and I do believe that was the right thing to do. For me this juice goes extremely well with coffee, but it can also manage quite well by itself. It's just that the coffee makes it even better. Cause it is really good. And I think they've proven anyone that say you can't create a good custard without DA or AP, wrong... quite simply. DV's own description of the juice is, as usual, spot on: smooth custard, full vanilla flavour with brown sugar and some caramel. Kind of makes you think of a nice Crème Brûlée as well with the brown sugar. Definitely one of the best custards I've tried. Comes in 10 or 30ml pre-mixed, but also as 10ml concentrate. I bet this one would taste even more awesome if you let it steep for a while... problem is, once I started vaping it I had some problems putting it down so the bottle is now empty... nothing left to let steep.

Thanks to Decadent Vapours for sending me the juice for review.

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Thursday, 9 July 2015

Review: ONE Mod by Hana Modz

Hana Modz have been around for a while now with their quite colorful regulated box-mods. I've never owned any of the classic Hana Modz boxes, but from what I've know they've all been made from aluminum and from what I've seen on the web it's been pretty solid boxes. Quite pricy boxes as well. But now they've come up with something quite different. Although it's still a regulated box mod powered by the DNA40 chip from Evolv like we're used too from Hana Modz there are some differences, pretty big ones actually. First of all... it's made from plastic (!). This, according to Hana Modz, makes it the smallest, lightest DNA40-mod on the market. Secondly, the batteries are put in a separate case that can be detached from the main unit, and the complete kit comes with two different cases, making it possible to run with either one or two 18650 batteries. The third difference is that, at least for now, the ONE Mod only comes in two different color combinations: Black with white face and white with gray face.

Looks and feel

I have to admit I was a bit of a skeptic, I mean... plastic? And from the pictures it looks kind of ... I don't know ... cheap. It looks a bit like the battery cases don't quite line up and that the gap is uneven. But I do think Hana Modz could have done a better job on the picture cause at least the mod I have lines up quite perfectly. In my opinion it looks a lot better in real life.

When Hana Modz say it's the smallest, lightest DNA40 mod on the market, I believe them. It is extremely light, even with a battery in it. With the one battery case attached it almost feels like it's empty, which makes it really pocket friendly.

There is kind of a rubberised coating on the mod, making it feel less plastic than it actually is. I suspect it might wear off if you keep the mod in your pockets like me. Honestly I don't really care if it does, cause even if it doesn't look bad, it's not a piece of art (like some mods really are). It's made for using, not for looking at :)

There are a couple of issues with the battery cases and the lid that goes on them though. The lids are held in place by some really small tabs that kind of clicks in place. Now these will probably get a bit rounded when you put the lid on and off. On my double battery case my lid kept popping off already on one of the sides. There is barely enough room in there for the batteries so they put pressure on the lid from the inside. I tried to fix this by cutting out just a little of the plastic on the inside, making a bit more room for the batteries and that fixed the problem. However I then encountered a new problem: the battery case doesn't "click in" on one of the sides. I suspect this is because there is now not enough pressure from the inside so I've probably cut out to much plastic. In other words, for it to work properly it needs to be a pretty tight fit, but if it's to tight the lid might start popping off. Hana recommends LG batteries, but I've used VTC4s, and that may (or may not) be causing the problem (maybe the LGs have slightly thinner wrapping or something like that).

I watched another review of this mod and it was suggested there that they could have made this lid out of aluminum instead. Not sure if that would solve the problem though as the case itself would still get worn. Still, even thought it's not clicked completely in it is kind of held in place on the other side, and my single battery case still clicks in perfectly ... for now. I guess it's not that big of an issue, and I'll do some more testing with different batteries, but contacted Hana Modz about it anyway and they offered to send me a replacement lid straight away.

In everyday use

I'm not going to go into detail about the DNA40 features here. This mod of course have all of them. The mod fires quite easily, just a slight touch of the fire button. It even fires if you press below the fire button squeezing the plastic inwards a bit. So it's quite important to remember to click 5 times to lock the device when you put it in your pocket. The adjustment buttons require a bit more force.

I've found myself charging the batteries externally, alternating between the double and single case. The built in charger is a bit on the slow side but it's good to have it there just in case. Also, charging through the USB-port you don't have to take the lid of the battery case so it will probably last longer. In any case I think Hana should add a couple of spare lids in the package.

Despite the issues I described above I've found myself using the mod a lot, and I really like the feel of it. As I said it's really light and small and it is actually the only device I have that I've found myself checking different pockets for.


The concepts and ideas implemented in this mod is great. I love it. And the price is just $109 for the full kit, and I'd say it's worth it. There are however some issues that I think Hana should try to fix. Being made out of plastic is what makes this mod so small and cheap I guess, but it also means it's not as durable as mods made out of metal. Still I think it is worth the money, and maybe Hana Modz will come up with some improvements to strengthen the weak points a bit, making it more durable. I couldn't resist sending them a couple of suggestions on improvements :) Also I would like to see the option of buying extra battery cases.

This has quickly become my most used mod. Recommended!

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Thursday, 2 July 2015

Juice Review: Pink Fizz by Pocket Fuel

Pocket Fuel is Vaporiz' US-inspired exclusive range of e-liquids. From what I can see right now it consists of 2 juices, Black Jack (aniseed/licorice) and Pink Fizz (strawberry/champagne). Sounds like 2 pretty tempting combos, and Vaporiz was kind enough to send me the pink one that looks like it's aimed mainly at the female vaper segment. Oh well, I love strawberries so I'll let that one slide :)

Pink Fizz 
Tested on: Fuze dual-coil clearomizer from Vaporiz (1.6 ohms on Ego-style battery)

Opening this bottle of juice it does not smell very strong, but squeezing the bottle a bit you get a pretty fresh strawberry smell. Doesn't smell to sweet actually, and when vaping it this is confirmed. It's pretty sweet but not too sweet, and you get a quite fresh, fruity strawberry with some "fizz", just like you'd expect from the description and name. Actually the description is pretty much spot on, this is not a very complex juice with undertones of this and that. Fresh strawberries with bubbles, and a pretty fresh summer juice in my opinion. If you're tempted by the description, my guess is that you like this one.

Thanks to Vaporiz for sending me the juice for review.

Aspire CF Sub Ohm Battery
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