Monday, 13 July 2015

Juice Review: Creme Anglaise by Decadent Vapours

Not long ago Decadent Vapours released a few new juices and they've asked me to review some of them. I was pretty impressed with their Djinni range og juices so of course I wanted to try these out as well. The first one I tried was a new custard flavour, Crème Anglaise. Now there has been quite a lot of fuzz about Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl lately, especially in custard flavours, so I asked DV a bit about this and they ensured me that all their juices are DA and AP free... they even sent me quite a few examples of lab-tests of the flavour concentrates they're using to prove it. So is it possible to make a great custard without the use of DA or AP? Let's see...

Crème Anglaise

Tested on: UD Zephyrus (0.3 Ohms, 30-35 Watts)

Smelling this juice made me think of Baileys, which I really do like to be honest. So kind of the first thing I did was to go get a cup of coffee to go with it, and I do believe that was the right thing to do. For me this juice goes extremely well with coffee, but it can also manage quite well by itself. It's just that the coffee makes it even better. Cause it is really good. And I think they've proven anyone that say you can't create a good custard without DA or AP, wrong... quite simply. DV's own description of the juice is, as usual, spot on: smooth custard, full vanilla flavour with brown sugar and some caramel. Kind of makes you think of a nice Crème Brûlée as well with the brown sugar. Definitely one of the best custards I've tried. Comes in 10 or 30ml pre-mixed, but also as 10ml concentrate. I bet this one would taste even more awesome if you let it steep for a while... problem is, once I started vaping it I had some problems putting it down so the bottle is now empty... nothing left to let steep.

Thanks to Decadent Vapours for sending me the juice for review.

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