Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Juice Review: Vanille Francaise by Decadent Vapours

I was pretty impressed with the first of the new Decadent Vapours juices I reviewed, the Crème Anglaise, so now my expectations for the rest of them have been (and still are, I've got more to try out) pretty high. This time it's time for some French vanilla.

Vanille Francaise

Tested on: UD Zephyrus (0.13 Ohms nickel, 30-35 Watts, 500 F)

Once again the smell reminds me of some kind of liqueur. Actually it smells kind of similar to the Crème Anglaise to be honest. Starting to wonder if I, or my sense of smell, has gone totally mad, but then again, the vanilla flavour used in both juices are probably the same, and dominating to the smell. Vaping it, I also seem to recognize the same vanilla taste, but this time more on I guess it's more up front. Make no mistake, I get quite a lot of creamy flavour as well, so Decadent Vapours description (creamy French vanilla), is pretty good this time as well. To me it kind of makes sense to compare this juice to the Crème Anglaise, as I pick up several of the same flavours (if not all), but in different amounts. This is also a great juice, and I think it's of course a matter of personal taste which one you like the best. Personally I'd choose the Crème Anglaise, but I honestly think you shoud try both to make up your own mind.

Thanks to Decadent Vapours for sending me the juice for review.

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  1. I love french vanilla! For perfume, candles, flavored coffee, flavored creamer and now vape! Yum!