Thursday, 2 July 2015

Juice Review: Pink Fizz by Pocket Fuel

Pocket Fuel is Vaporiz' US-inspired exclusive range of e-liquids. From what I can see right now it consists of 2 juices, Black Jack (aniseed/licorice) and Pink Fizz (strawberry/champagne). Sounds like 2 pretty tempting combos, and Vaporiz was kind enough to send me the pink one that looks like it's aimed mainly at the female vaper segment. Oh well, I love strawberries so I'll let that one slide :)

Pink Fizz 
Tested on: Fuze dual-coil clearomizer from Vaporiz (1.6 ohms on Ego-style battery)

Opening this bottle of juice it does not smell very strong, but squeezing the bottle a bit you get a pretty fresh strawberry smell. Doesn't smell to sweet actually, and when vaping it this is confirmed. It's pretty sweet but not too sweet, and you get a quite fresh, fruity strawberry with some "fizz", just like you'd expect from the description and name. Actually the description is pretty much spot on, this is not a very complex juice with undertones of this and that. Fresh strawberries with bubbles, and a pretty fresh summer juice in my opinion. If you're tempted by the description, my guess is that you like this one.

Thanks to Vaporiz for sending me the juice for review.

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