Friday, 17 July 2015

Juice Review: Double Apple by Vapouriz

As I wrote in the Millionaires Menthol review I did earlier, Vapouriz also has a Premium range, which is kind of their regular range I guess, seeing that it's cheaper than the Platinum range. I was pretty impressed by the menthol from the Platinum range, so now it's time to see if their slightly cheaper juices are any good.

Double Apple
Tested on: Aspire Nautilus (Temp. control coil, 20-30 Watts, 490 F)

Having a look at the bottle, I guess Double Apple is a mix of red and green apples. Hence the name I guess. It smells quite authentic, fresh and a bit sweet. The flavour is quite strong as well, but I'm not sure I think it is as authentic as the smell. I get a bit more apple candy feeling, which I have to be honest and say was a little bit disappointing. I mean, if it's apple candy you want it is probably ok, and it's not by any means a horrible taste, but to me it is a bit on the sweet side. Now I have of course tried only one juice from each range, but judging by that I'd say the Platinum range is worth the extra £1 per 10ml. I don't know... just seems like they've put a bit more thought and effort into it. Might also be just me that have been trying quite a few apple based juices lately that I've found a lot better than this.

Thanks to Vapouriz for sending me the juice for review.

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