Monday, 18 April 2016

Review: Aromamizer RDTA V2 by Steamcrave

The original Aromamizer RDTA has been one of my favourite atomizers for quite a while. I think I can safely say that I've been using my first one every single day since I first got it and reviewed it in November last year, and I had to get another one in black as well cause ... well it rocks. Simple as that.

The V2 is not very different from the V1, so this won't be a normal review, but rather a short update to the one I published in November. I recommend reading that one first, as I'll only focus on what they've changed since then.

So what's new?
One of the things my friend Roger, who recommended the Aromamizer in the first place, emphasized when telling me about Steamcrave was that they really listen to their customers/fans. In the Steamcrave fanclub page on Facebook, there has mainly been two things people have been talking/complaining about: The rubber AFC (Air Flow Control) ring, and the "nipple" on the top-cap that kind of limits which drip-tips you can use quite a lot... at least if you mind at all how the atty looks. So in the V2... these are the two things they've changed.

What Steamcrave have done with the V2 is re-designing two of the parts: The chamber/AFC section and the top cap. These new parts can be bought separately, so you can upgrade your existing Aromamizer and mix and match with the old parts however you like it. I actually just got both the parts and upgraded one of my existing ones... didn't even bother to change the coils.

If you've read my original review, I said that I actually like the rubber AFC ring, cause it gives you the opportunity to adjust the airflow exactly how you want it. After using it for a while though, I've found one disadvantage of it (besides looks), and that is that the rubber band tends to slide off at times when you put the atty in a tight pocket, carrying bag or whatever. On the new V2 they have put a metal AFC ring there instead of the rubber one. What I was worried about when I saw this at first was that it would no longer give me the option of having 2 of the holes completely closed while the other two were open, but it turns out there was no need to worry. With some clever placing of the holes on the metal ring, we still have all the flexibility of the rubber ring, only much better since you don't need to change/choose between a two-hole ring and a 4-hole ring. What impresses me the most is how smoothly the ring turns. I think I've talked about perfectly tight AFC rings in several of my reviews, but this one takes it to a whole new level of smoothness. Finally, I have to admit, it looks a lot better than the rubber one. When it comes to performance, this changes nothing, which is a good thing.

The other part that has been redesigned is the top-cap. I guess this is mainly a visual upgrade, but the drip-tip actually gets a little closer to the chamber so you might get slightly hotter vapor... at least in theory. I still love the drip-tips with the spit-back protection from the V1 so I just use that one. It seems to me however that this is not included when you buy a complete V2... which is kind of a shame in my opinion. Actually, looking at their shop now, it seems that this concept has been abandoned completely. Anyway, I do think the V2 cap looks better, and it makes it possible to use your own favourite drip-tip, so it is a good upgrade as well.

The Aromamizer was already my favorite atty, these upgrades made it even better. It still produces the same awesome flavour, but now it looks a bit better, and you don't have to worry about your AFC ring getting totally out of position whenever you put it in your pocket. If you already own a V1, the upgrades to V2 costs around $15 for the AFC section and $14 for the top caps on The AFC is a no-brainer, just go get it. The top cap is a matter of personal taste. I'm getting both for my other V1. The price-tag for the complete atomizer is not bad either at $45, also on Actually I'd say it's a bargain... plus you might end up selling some of your more expensive atties once you try this one.

Thanks a lot to Maggie at Steamcrave for making this review possible.

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  1. Reason for changes on drip-tip spit-back protection, is that its retricts some flavor impressions ,just a bit.

  2. £14 for the v1 to v2 airflow upgrade is way too expensive for what amounts to rectifying a design flaw in the original product.

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