Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Juice Review: Zabadi and Poz by Yogg Lyfe

Yogg Lyfe themselves say they set out to "deliver the perfect combination of delicious Yogurt and fine fruits". This has resulted in a range of 4 juices, all blends of Yogurt and different fruits. As far as I know, all their juices are delivered in white 60 ml bottles in nicotine strengths of 0, 3, 6 and 12 mg/ml. Today I'm reviewing two of the juices and I'll review the other two later on

Tested on: C.O.V Defiant (0.5 Ohm ceramic coil, 60 watts)
Mango and vanilla is supposed to be the main flavours in this one... in addition to the Yogurt of course. Sounds really tempting. Smelling it I suspected this was quite a sweet juice, and I wasn't really all that wrong. The mango is pretty sweet but well balanced with the vanilla and creamy Yogurt flavours. Even if there is quite a lot of sweetness in the juice it's not sickening and the mango is very authentic if you ask me. It even have that little sting at the end that you get from real mangos. A really well balanced juice, creamy and easy to vape all day, that also gives you loads of vapor being a 60/40 VG/PG juice (they all are).

Tested on: Steamcrave Supreme RDTA (Dual Clapton @ 0.3 Ohms, 60-70 watts)

Another juice that smells pretty sweet. Raspberry, Hibiscus and Pomegranate this time. Now Hibiscus and Pomegranate are not the most familiar flavours to me, but raspberries I do love and eat quite often. As I said, this juice also smells pretty sweet, and it tastes pretty sweet as well. Again, authentic fruit flavours and great balance. Same creamy yogurt base as the Zabadi. This base makes the Yogg juices pretty unique, I don't have the feeling that this is something I've tasted before, even if I have tasted quite a few fruit juices. Makes me look forward to try out the two remaining flavours in the range.

Thanks to UKEcigstore for sending me these juices for review.

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