Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Juice review: VG Peaches & Milk + Chocolaccino by Simple Vape Co.

The VG line from Simple Vape Co., as the name implies, is a range of high VG juices (80/20 VG/PG). Should be perfect for high powered box mods, drippers and cloud-chasing. The range currently consists of 4 flavours, and the nice guys at were nice enough to send me two of them for this review.


Tested on: Steam Crave RDA (Dual Clapton @ 0.25 Ohm, 60 watts)

Chocolate, caramel and coffee on a biscuit base says the description. I agree. To me it smells a bit like those Caffè Lattes with some flavour syrup in it, and it pretty much tastes that as well. Maybe some nutty tones as well. I don't get too much chocolate, but rather more caramel tones. Actually, this juice goes pretty well with my black coffee in the morning. A well balanced juice you should try out, especially if you love coffee.

Peaches & Milk
Tested on: Steam Crave RDA (Dual Clapton @ 0.25 Ohm, 60 watts)

I've never tried real peaches with milk. Actually I've never heard of the combination before... but then again, I'm Norwegian. I've learned from googling that my mother should have given me this when I was a kid though, so I'll have to have a chat with her about that. Anyway, it sounds kind of tempting, and it tastes pretty awesome. The peach is pretty sweet, reminds me of canned peaches rather than fresh ones, and that's probably what my mother should have used as well. The milk is creamy and delicious and there is just enough of it to make me say this juice is really well balanced as well. Even though I liked the Chocolaccino as well, I have to say this one was my favourite of the two.

Big thanks to the guys at for sending me these juices for review.

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