Thursday, 12 November 2015

Juice Review: Raspberry Crush, BlackJack Twist and Blueberry Burst by Halo have done some redesign of their Halo-brand and the Halo range of UK made e-liquid have gotten new bottles, new logos and quite a few of them have gotten new formulas as well. They've also added quite a few new flavours as well. All the juices are 60/40 PG/VG.

Raspberry Crush

Tested on: Steamcrave RDA (Dual 26/32 Clapton @ 0.32 Ohms, 30-60 watts)
This is one of the new flavours of in the range, aiming for a fresh, natural raspberry taste. The smell of this juice is in fact very spot on. I'm not sure I've come across a juice that actually smells this true to the description. It simply smells like fresh raspberries... and I should know as the kids love raspberries so I smell it quite often. There is nothing else in the smell, no added sweetness or cream or anything, just raspberries. Tasting the juice it also tastes like fresh raspberries, and it does have quite a bite to it as well. Kind of the same sensation you get when vaping menthol juices. I think they're pretty true to their description and have managed to create a natural raspberry flavour without the synthetic feeling they were trying to avoid. Good juice.

Black Jack Twist

Tested on: Steamcrave RDA (Dual 26/32 Clapton @ 0.32 Ohms, 30-60 watts)

The smell of this liquid reminds me of a liquorice/aniseed candy from my childhood, not the real Black Jacks though, don't know if I've ever tasted those. They were called "Lille Jan"... I guess some of my Norwegian and maybe Swedish readers might remember them. The flavour is not that far off either. Pretty sweet aniseed/liquorice flavour, and pretty strong as well. Might be a bit too much for me as an all day vape, but still a great juice that I'm sure will bring up some memories. Definitely a juice I'd recommend if you're into aniseed juices, or liquorice. As I said, personally not an all day vape for me, but that doesn't mean I don't like it, it's just one of those juices that has a lot of flavour, and it's a great flavour too, but to much can potentially ruin it for you :)

Blueberry Burst

Tested on: Steamcrave RDA (Dual 26/32 Clapton @ 0.32 Ohms, 30-60 watts)
Blueberries are one of my favourite berries, but I still haven't really found a pure blueberry e-juice that actually tastes like pure blueberries. The smell of this one, however, gets my hopes up. It kind of smells like blueberries at least. Also when tasting the juice, it's pretty close to what I'm looking for, but still a tiny bit missing. I mean, it does indeed taste great, but even if this probably is the closest one to the blueberry flavour I'm used to it's still not totally spot on.... and I finally figured out why: What I've been looking for is actually wild bilberries, that I guess most Norwegians would call blueberries (since the Norwegian name for them is "Blåbær"... Blå=Blue and Bær=Berries). Looking at Halo's description it all starts to make sense: "European blueberries and bilberries". I might have to get some Norwegian juice-maker to duplicate this flavour, cause it is indeed a small difference I believe. Anyway, putting away my childhood memories of fresh wild bilberries, I think this is a well made juice, pretty close to bilberries, that doesn't give you that artificial flavour that some blueberry juices tend to give you. Great juice for fruit and berry lovers.

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