Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Norwegian vapers protest against the government's disguised TPD

One of the proposed banners. Ok, ok I'll translate:
YES to age limits, to childproof caps, to freedom of choice,
to vaping, to a smoke free environment, to better health
to reasonable regulation. NO to the EU TPD article 20.
Vapor is not tobacco!
The Norwegian government's proposal to "legalize e-cigarettes with nicotine", which turned out to be an implementation of the TPD, have kicked of a bit of activity in the vaping community. Up until recently I have a feeling that most of the debate have taken place in the comments sections whenever (not too often) vaping and e-cigarettes have gotten some media coverage. Actually, a lot more has been done... NDS and quite a few dedicated vaping advocates have been working to convince politicians, letters and emails have been sent and so on, but we have been struggling a bit to get the coverage we need in the media so the general public also can see what is going on. As I've said earlier, I do believe the media will be the key to winning this battle. Anyway, after the government's proposal got some media coverage, NDS also managed to get some attention in the media, backed up by SIRUS and Karl Erik Lund among others. Still, we do need to get more attention to this matter. We need to make sure that the government is not able to just sneak in these draconian regulations without anyone other than vapers noticing. So now, Norwegian vapers hit the streets to protest. Have a look at this:
You are hereby invited to Trondheim on December 12th 2015 at 2PM. Dedicated vapers and the Norwegian vaping community, Norsk Dampselskap (NDS), will join together in a protest. There will be a peaceful demonstration against the Norwegian government's proposal to implement the EU's Tobacco Products Directive §20! The directive, as it stand now, will be a nail in the coffin for the vaping community, and it will change the way we vape forever! You are welcome to join us in the protest, and join us in the fight against this law! After the demonstration you will have the possibility to attend a vape-meet at the shop "Dampoteket", which will also be the end point of our protest march. Vapers unite! The news media will also be invited.
This is the English version of the invitation to a peaceful demonstration to express our views in Trondheim (which is where I'm located). At the same time, December 12th 2PM, there will also be demonstrations in Oslo in front of the Parliament building, in Bergen and in Kristiansand. Who knows, maybe even more places, there is still time. There is a lot of people working hard to get the media to cover it, writing speeches (hopefully) and hopefully we'll see some banners and maybe even t-shirts? I guess it's still a while until December 12th so a lot is still in the planning phase and quite unclear yet, but I'll try to post updates as more info becomes available.

I really hope as many as possible will be able to come to one of these demonstrations. The more people that turn up, the more attention we'll be able to get. Foreigners are of course welcome as well, we'll teach you some slogans in Norwegian :)

For those of you who want to attend, Facebook events have been created for each of the locations here:
(If you don't speak Norwegian, don't be afraid to post in English in there. I'm sure you'll get answers to all of your questions.)

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