Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Juice Review: Trixie 2 & Nia 9 by 13 Sins

I was pretty happy with the first 2 juices from 13 sins that I reviewed back in September, so I was looking forward to trying out these two. Both these juices are 30/70 PG/VG ratio. I might have told you last time that the other 2 were 40/60, but having a closer look I see now that Suzy 6 is actually 50/50. Sorry about that. Anyway, these last two, being pretty high on VG might be more appealing to the cloud chasers out there.

13 Sins comes from the people behind T-juice, and I think it's worth mentioning that all these juices are tested for the nasty stuff that seems to trigger lawsuits at the moment, and you can find the test results on their web-page. It's great to see they take their responsibility seriously. (The other T-juice tests are also available here.)

So, onto the juices:

Trixi 2
Tested on: UD Bellus RTA (Dual kanthal @ 0.6 Ω, 40 watts)
"A full on vape sensation, packed full of cool zingy freshness. An electrifying combination of stimulating mint, lemongrass and lime, coupled with the smooth fruitiness of apricot and apple and just a slight lick of aniseed. Trixi is a tantalising temptress of the taste buds."

I didn't even have to open the bottle to smell the citrus in this juice. It has quite a strong, fresh smell, quite mouthwatering to be honest. And the flavour ... is even better. It's true to the description, has a huge amount of flavour. The lime and lemongrass comes across as the strongest, along with the aniseed that gives this juice an extra dimension, and quite a bite. The mint, apricot and apple is not very pronounced, I guess the mint is there playing along with the aniseed and gives a bit of sweetness, and the fruits give the juice it's kind of undefinable fruitiness. A great, refreshing juice and I'd say this is my favourite among the 13 Sins juices so far.

Nia 9
Tested on: Smok TFV4 (TF-CLP2 Core @ 0.35Ω, 40-60 watts)

"A fragrant and inescapably alluring blend of chai spice, mingled with complex notes of wild red berries and vanilla cream. Nia is a subtle, yet sensory enslaving ADV, with facets of blackcurrant and tangy citrus, which leave the satisfying, sweet aftertaste of warmed sugar on the palate."

The Chai spice was the first thing I noticed when smelling this juice, and vaping it for that matter. To me this is the main flavour of this juice, the juice is kind of built around these spices, in a successful effort to enhance and pronounce it. You can definitely taste the citrus as well, playing quite an important role. I said Trixi was my favourite among the 13 Sins juices, and I stand by that statement, but Nia is not far behind. Great juice!

Thanks to ecigarettedirect for sending me these juices for review.

13 Sins E-Liquid
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