Friday, 27 November 2015

Worth reading this weekend (November 27th)

Another busy week with very little spare time to write has gone by, and 2015 is coming to an end, a bit faster than I like. I haven't even started thinking about Christmas shopping yet, except that I'm thinking I can save some money the presents I plan buying for myself today, since it's black friday :) Here in Norway we also have another important event coming up for us vapers. It's just around 2 weeks until we hit the streets to express our views on the sneaky TPD implementation planned by our government. Hopefully it will get some attention in the media, and hopefully a lot of smokers will unpack their first vaping kits this Christmas.

Anyway, between not thinking about Christmas, work, and trying to figure out how to get rid of my beloved car that have finally decided to die on me, I have managed to sneak in some reading. So if you're already tired of Christmas and want to take a well deserved break from the shopping madness, here's a couple of good ones that I'm sure you'll enjoy:
  • There is indeed a lot of junk science about e-cigarettes and vaping out there, and sadly a lot have gotten some attention in the media as well. The Ashtray blog has gathered some of the, giving you some insight in exactly what is wrong with them: Exposed: 18 E-Cig Studies That Are Killing Smokers
  • This week we also got a newsletter updating us a bit on what has happened since the first teaser from the guys behind A Billion Lives. If you're not subscribing to the newsletter yet, I highly recommend it. They got some criticism for using this quote in their teaser: "165,000 kids die of secondhand smoke, every year". Dick Puddlecote has his own take on the subject: A Billion Lives, My Take 
Have a nice weekend!

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  1. I love love black friday! I can't believe it has came to an end too. Hate to hear about your car. Did you see the recent viral one on the hand wrapped up and ecig blew up on him? It's his own fault if its even real.

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