Monday, 20 January 2014

Swedish Pirate Party fights back

A few days ago I wrote about the Swedish customs stopping e-liquid at the border, and I felt a bit sorry for the Swedes having no-one to fight their case. Turns out I was wrong. Swedens Pirate Party EU MP Christian Engström is fighting back and has written a good article on SVT Debatt (in Swedish):

He says the Swedish customs seizure of e-liquid is a violation of the EU's laws for the internal market, laws that say products that are not regulated in any way, like the e-cigarette, should flow freely on the internal market. He also argues that the authorities efforts to prevent smokers from switching to far less harmful e-cigarettes is immoral. This is a product that can save lots of lives, and he points out the fact that thanks to the Swedish "snus" (smokeless tobacco) Sweden already has only half as many smokers as the rest of Europe. The e-cigarette would give even more smokers an alternative and help them quit. 

I'm happy to see that Swedish vapers also have someone with authority speaking their case. I think it would be a good idea if these people unite and fight together in this case. 

Thanks again to Grizewald for sending me this article. If anyone has some news about the situation in Denmark, Finland or Iceland, please feel free to give me a tip.


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