Friday, 10 January 2014

Former health care worker in court: "Never seen a bigger arsehole"

We finally got some snow here in Trondheim, so I'm in a good mood today.
Got some news from Norwegian newspaper, Østlandet blad, on this fabulous Friday morning. As this is from a Norwegian newspaper I thought I'd give you an overview of what happened here:

A woman driving to the beach got herself a proper surprise when she observed 2 men having sex right there by the road. She calls the police, cause... well it could just as well have been children passing by the men and that wouldn't be any good. So, the police goes to the place and finds one of the men (a 46 year old guy from Gudbrandsdalen), that admitted he MIGHT have been one of the men having sex right before the police came. He later denied this in court saying they only kissed. When they found the other guy, he apparently explained in detail how they had done it in more than one way, but couldn't really understand how anyone could have seen them :)

The woman who reported the incident witnessed in court, and explained she remembers the episode very clearly and it was a very unpleasant experience. She had clearly seen both penises and fingers in action in different body orifices. She then explains that being a former health care worker she has seen a lot of arseholes, but never seen a bigger arsehole than this naked man had.

The 46 year old was sentenced to pay a fine of 4000NOK for "sexually offensive or obscene behaviour in a public place".

Norwegian article found here:

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