Sunday, 5 January 2014

Breaking news: Vapepit founders Sun and Maz retiring

Just saw the news published on vapepit, and I am now looking forward to calling them mum and dad without the risk of getting my nick changed to something nasty. The job they have done creating and managing the pit has been just awesome. I imagine it's been a bit like managing a kindergarten mixed with a zoo and a mental institution ... and no fences, so I understand the need to step back and just enjoy the show now. Good luck to the new admins, Chasey and griz, you'll need it :) And thanks to Sun and Maz for the great forum they created.


  1. Thanks mort!

    I'd be careful about calling them Mum and Dad though, even retired admins can have superpowers!

  2. Cheers Mort :D

    Top job on the blog mate!

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