Friday, 24 January 2014

Upcoming report on e-cigarettes and user culture by SIRUS

As Karl Erik Lund mentioned in the interview I published earlier this week, SIRUS is soon to launch a new study on e-cigarettes. This project is lead by researcher Rikke Tokle and she introduced the case in the Norsk Dampselskap (the Norwegian union of vapers) facebook group earlier this week. I sent Rikke an email offering to be a participant in the study and asked her a little about what it was all about.

This is what she says about the project:
The project is still in the start-up phase, which means the research questions to be investigated is still relatively open. I operate with a preliminary working title which is "E-cigarettes and user culture", but this will probably be changed as the research questions will be changed or added when the data collection starts. The background for SIRUS to start this project is the desire for more knowledge and focus on the users and their experience with using e-cigarettes. It is also interesting to catch up on new words and expressions that occur around "new" phenomenons - for example "vaping" (editor: "damping" in Norwegian). There is a lot of good information to be gathered from Dampselskapets (editor: the Norwegian union of vapers) web-pages and blogs like yours (editor: Thank you). This information will be supplemented by individual interviews with users of e-cigarettes in and outside the forum.

I think this looks very interesting and I'm looking forward to following the study as it progresses. Any Norwegian readers who wants to participate in the study can contact Rikke Tokle at rt(at) Let's give her a proper kick-start on the project. I'll keep you guys updated :)


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