Thursday, 16 January 2014

Juice review: Atty Lube "Cupped" by Andy Thatcher (and Sic)

Got a large sample of this Atty Lube variant from Sic and Andy a while ago, and I finally got the time to re-coil my Hellfire Mega and fill her up yesterday. As mentioned before, these Atty Lube juices are pretty thick stuff. This is not the juice you'd want to use for stealth vaping as it'll produce a pretty big cloud of vapor. I don't really know but I'm guessing it's mostly VG.

I am having a hard time deciding what this juice tastes like, and it keeps changing a bit on me as well. At first, in a cold atty I get some sweet floral notes. As the atty and juice warms up a bit the floral notes become more subtle and the sweetness becomes stronger. I'm thinking cream (maybe Créme Brûlée-ish as well), white Toblerone and honey... the sweet flowery kind of honey. (Beware, I might suck at recognizing and describing flavours). It also feels familiar in another way, I can't really put my finger on it, but I like it, and it leaves a nice sweet taste in your mouth after exhaling.

When I first got the sample, Sic told me it's an acquired taste that goes well with coffee in the morning. And I couldn't really agree more. At first I was a bit sceptical tasting the floral notes as this is really not my favourite tastes, but I did what he said and tried it with my morning coffee, and he's right. They go REALLY well together. Just black coffee, nothing fancy. It gives an extra dimension to the whole experience as the coffee mixes in with the other flavours. Right now I'm vaping it at work, with a cup of black coffee and it keeps growing on me.

So, in conclusion, this is a great juice that really comes to life when paired with a cup of good black coffee (the coffee at work isn't really that good so looking forward to getting home to some freshly ground coffee). Maybe not so much an all day juice, as it's a bit too sweet in my opinion.

And last but not least, to Andy and Sic: Thanks for the generous samples you guys sent me.


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