Friday, 17 January 2014

E-liquid with soul

Today I'm out traveling to Oslo. Usually I bring just my spheroid and sturm-mod when I travel cause it's totally care free, not having to worry about leaking and putting it in little plastic bags in security and all that. The guy watching the hand luggage scanner today looked pretty suspicious, but he let it pass eventually, maybe concluded that it kind of looked like a mini-dildo and he would be better of if he stopped fiddling with it.

Anyway, today I filled it with Scopes blueberry, and it hit me that I could probably tell that this was a juice mixed by scope even if I didn't already know. It doesn't taste the same as the apple or the raspberry, but there is something there, faint in the background that links these together. Same goes for Andy's juices that I reviewed one of yesterday, the e-pipemods range that I love and all the other juices I've tasted from the vapepit-mixers. Some juices are just juices and may taste good but I think for it to taste great it needs to separate itself from all the rest, and have some personal touch. It needs to have some soul.


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