Monday, 6 January 2014

GUV toilet Airfreshener

The GUV sample I got from Sic is pretty thick stuff and I had to squeeze pretty hard to fill a smaller needle tip bottle. You see the sample I got was pretty generous, thanks a bunch Sic. Anyway, I was doing this in the men's room at work of all places, must have been on Thursday or Friday, and I thought that... "hummm... hope the filler cap of the sample bottle doesn't come of ... that would create a real mess. Wonder if it can handle a bit more squeezing. FECK! OH NOES!" And of course the cap came of and half the sample squirted out. Turns out I was right... it created a proper mess :D Pretty smelly stuff this ... now 4-5 days later I was in the same men's room and it still smells GUV. But then again, if I hadn't had that little accident it would smell like shit in there now, so it wasn't all a waste :)

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