Thursday, 2 January 2014

Welcome to the vaping giraffe

Well I finally got married to the kindest, most amazing girl I've ever met. Check... :) Moving on to the next step on the list: Create a blog. I'm probably a gazillion years late with this but better late than early, as they say.

Why "The Vaping Giraffe"? Well as you've probably guessed already I'm a vaper, cut the cigarettes around 2 years ago, thanks to my wife watching Tom Cruise vape in a movie trailer back then (never saw the movie though), and encouraged me to get rid of the horrible cough I constantly had. That should explain the "Vaping" part. The giraffe part comes from my extreme animal impersonation skills, and having perfected the art of imitating a giraffe despite the fact I have no neck to speak of. I'm a regular at, and you'll probably find me in the Hellfire Discussion Thread in there if you're a member, which you should be.

So ... will this blog be about vaping only then? Nah... probably not. To be honest I have no idea what this will be about yet... I guess I'll just start out and see what will happen. There will be a fair bit of vaping related content, and I guess vapers will relate more to my blog, but I hope it might inspire smokers to make the switch as well. But there will probably be other stuff here as well, stuff I like, stuff I do and stuff I wish I'd done :) I might even give you updates on my new years resolutions.

Welcome to the vaping giraffe, hope you all enjoy it, and if you don't you're free to click away and go watch your nasty porn or whatever.


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