Friday, 3 January 2014

New years resolution

2 years ago I was, well to be perfectly honest I was a fat bastard with fucked up lungs. Walking up the stairs a couple of floors had me breathing like I had just finished a marathon, and catching a cold made me sound like I was going to cough up my fucked up lungs for at least 3 weeks. So... something had to be done or I'd be done. I switched to vaping and noticed the coughing and breathing getting better really soon, and now 2 years later my lungs are working pretty good actually. Being used to 3 weeks of pain when I caught a cold (and that happened pretty often) I still get the "oh not this shit again"-feeling when I feel a slight tingle in the throat... but now I'm happily surprised that it's over in a couple of days. Lungs fixed :)

So... with new lungs I figured I could get on with fixing the fat bastard part so I started running. In the beginning I'm sure some ppl found it strange that I looked like I was trying to run but was still traveling at walking speed. But it got better and I'm proud to say that I've lost around 20 kilos during the last year. Still got some kilos to go, and my brother in law bought me some friggin awesome nike freerun shoes for Christmas, so I'll keep on running. After watching "Run fatboy run" a week or so ago I felt especially inspired and might have said that I'd make it my new years resolution to run a marathon, but then I moderated myself a bit and said a half marathon :P But now I feel that was kind of weak, so I think my final new years resolution will be to run a half marathon in less than 2 hours. Wish me luck :)

Oh... and I think I might have thrown in some dancing lessons with my wife for good measure that night as well. You see I can't dance, but I think I can after some beers n' booze.

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