Saturday, 25 January 2014

Dripping on the go

Today, I wanted to present one of my favourite setups at the moment: My dripper-to-go setup. Lately I've fallen in love with this setup for several reasons.
  • Flavour and vapour production is fantastic.
  • Setup is done in 3 minutes, so it's perfect for vaping steeps and other juices that tend to kill your coil in no time. (I use a loop of 3mm silica and 3/4 wraps of .25 kanthal)
  • It super-compact and easy to bring along.
  • Don't need to worry about leaking.
  • Looks cool
So, what's in this little dripper-to-go kit of mine then. Well, the pouch is a mini-pouch from 3B. I've put my Hellfire Dripper on the Nemesis Vapepit edition and used a RSM pyrex driptip on top. The one I've got has a brass base so it matches the Nemesis nicely, as you can see. In the other pocket I have an Innokin U-Can which is perfect for dripping in my opinion. 2 short pushes of the button gives a perfect amount of liquid for this setup. In the opposite pocket I've got some pre-cut 3mm silica wicks, some .25 kanthal, a couple of 18350s and a mini screwdriver. So dripping on the go works like a dream :)


  1. I like the new design. Nice colors, not distracting. Good job.

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