Tuesday, 4 February 2014

YOU are proof that vaping works!

I some times get faced with questions about the effect of the e-cigarette on my health. Is it really that much better than cigarettes in the long run, or is it just as bad for me as the cigarettes? The world is full of sceptics, that think vaping is just another way of smoking that will kill you eventually. Even the Cancer Society say they will not recommend e-cigarettes because they are not certain what effect it has on your health and says it's misleading to market and sell e-cigarettes as "healthy cigarettes". At least they did in May 2013 in this article: http://www.nrk.no/livsstil/_-e-royk-er-nesten-helt-ufarlig-1.11002150. So how can we face these sceptics and give them proof?

You can of course start throwing numbers back at them, just pick among the growing amount of research on the internet showing that e-cigarettes ARE in fact a million times better than cigarettes. But, as we all know by now, you're also able to find "scientific proof" of the opposite and of all the dangers of vaping as well. I've found this approach to be quite ineffective when it comes to convincing sceptics to be honest. And usually they start questioning the sources of the research I'm referring to, claiming this is research that is paid by the e-cigarette manufacturers or some even think that Big Pharma is going into the e-cigarette business and claims they pay for the research. I have even faced the claim that big Tobacco is behind it all... yup, true story.

Jim Oliver ran the NY marathon while vaping.
Can you challenge yourself and show others vaping works?

So what is your best bet then, trying to say help a sceptical smoker do the switch? If you're a vaper, I say YOU are the best proof that this actually works. Tell them your story, or even better: show them. People who know me have seen the transformation over the last couple of years and when showing them what I can do now there is very little doubt that this works. Find something you know you couldn't do while you were smoking, like running, walking up stairs, play with the kids, I'm sure you can think of something. And by doing this I think a lot of you might surprise yourself as well. Have you tried challenging yourself a bit physically after you switched to vaping? If not, my advice is to do so. Pick ONE thing you couldn't do, or struggled to do, or found very tiring while you were smoking and try it now. You don't have to run a marathon or climb Mount Everest, just take the stairs instead of the elevator once in a while, take a long walk on a Sunday morning or go play football with the kids. Even though you think people didn't notice you were in bad shape, they did. They noticed that you were coughing your lungs out when you reached the top of the stairs, or that you were short of breath from the slightest physical challenge, or that you never ran around with the kids... cause you couldn't. Show these people what has happened to you now. YOU are living proof that vaping works!


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