Wednesday, 12 February 2014

New survey by Dr Farsalinos submitted for publication

I'm happy to see that Dr. Farsalinos announced yesterday that the worldwide survey of more than 19000 users concerning characteristics, side effects and benefits of e-cigarette use, has been submitted for publication. It looks like the results should be very interesting reading. I notice especially that there is also subjects that were not smokers at the time of e-cigarette use initiation participating in the study. The hints he gives us on the results, 81% of the subjects actually managed to quit smoking completely and the rest cut down their smoking drastically, is very interesting indeed. Earlier this week I wrote about a study that reported a 19.9% success rate ( for quitting by using e-cigarettes. That is a huge difference, actually their number is close to the 80% I've experienced myself. Of course, as Dr. Farsalinos says as well, the participants in such a survey are expected to be very dedicated so this number is expected to be higher than with the general population, but still I think this shows that if you really want to quit there is a great chance that e-cigarettes will help you. Again, I can use myself as an example of this. I really wanted to quit smoking, and I tried several times, but it was when I discovered e-cigarettes I managed to do it. And it even became the easiest thing in the world.

Really looking forward to reading the complete article when it's published. I also applaud Dr. Farsalinos and his team for their efforts to present the data in an objective way. I know I probably come across as very biased in this matter myself, I find it hard not to be when I look back at my own vaping adventure, so you'll just have to excuse me I guess. However I do try to make an effort at finding unbiased research when writing this blog, and I do believe Dr. Farsalinos and his team provide some of the best unbiased research available. Keep up the good work doctor!


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