Saturday, 8 February 2014

E-cigarettes proven to be the most effective way of quitting

A couple of days ago I wrote about the consequences of over-regulating e-cigarettes and that you really only need common sense to figure that one out. But, as we all know not everyone will listen to common sense, so some times it's nice to get some empiric evidence to back it up with right? My common sense, and my own experience have already convinced me long ago that e-cigarettes are the most effective way to stop smoking. I know a lot of people that has tried over the counter NRT, but I don't know anyone who succeeded. I know some people who have tried cold turkey, and a couple of them have succeeded. But out of the people I know that has tried with e-cigarettes, only one of them is still smoking cigarettes today... my mum :) To be fair I only know 5 people who have tried quitting with e-cigarettes but when combining that 80% success-rate with my own experience, I figured that this had to be the best way of quitting pretty quickly. And now, I have science to back that up as well: This study shows the same results that I have observed. NRT is the worst with a whooping 10.0% success rate. Even cold turkey is better with 15.1%, but on top of course: the e-cigarette with 19.9%.

Still it doesn't quite fit with the 80% I have seen around me though. Personally I do believe this is due to the fact that there is a huge amount of different e-cigarettes, and a huge difference in quality, flavor and vaping experience among these. I think I've told you earlier how easy I think it was, but I should add that I had a couple of tries before I succeeded. First with some crap from dealextreme, that tasted awful, then some ok ones I bought in Norway, that had no nicotine. But when I finally found some good quality ones with decent vaping experience (at least it was more that sufficient at that time), an Ego-T set from Totally Wicked, it was in fact very easy. And I think this is a key to success with the e-cigarette as well. You need to be aware of this, and that you might have to try some different models, and some different e-liquids, before you find the one that is right for you. So you need a little bit of patience, and with some help from and experienced vaper who knows the devices and can point you in the right direction, the chance of success will improve a lot.

So why couldn't my mum quit? Well, I think it was a combination of things. She is dead scared of computers so she was not able to order more e-liquid or e-cigarettes when the one I bought her was empty. I might have missed a bit when opting for cartos as these require some patience to fill. And I'm not sure she liked the taste of any of the e-liquids I bought her. Different people, different taste. But most of all, I think that she doesn't really feel they are safe. She often asks me if this is really better than smoking. And that brings me to my final point... all of these reasons why she failed to quit can be addressed by good regulation. Good regulation would make her feel safer and it would enable her to go try and buy so she would be able to find the device that fits her needs and to find an e-liquid she likes. With reasonable regulation the shitty devices would also disappear, and I am sure that we would see a totally different rate of success in the future.


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