Thursday, 6 February 2014

Dr Farsalinos' fundraising campaign through the roof

I'm happy to see that the fund-raising campaign launched by Dr Farsalinos and his team to raise money for their study called Electronic cigarette liquids analysis-evaluating potentially harmful ingredients has gone through the roof. They had a goal of collecting $23.000, but now, with still 9 days to go they have collected over $33.000. Now THAT is what I call great news.

The goal of the study is to test more than 100 e-cigarette liquids from manufacturers all over the world to determine what is in them and how safe they are, and they say that the more money they collect, the more liquids they will be able to test. In the study announcement they say that this is a great opportunity for the industry to show responsibility towards health-related issues and the industry is urged to support it. And apparently they have... among the givers announced in the updates section you can see that several Greek e-cig and e-liquid vendors and manufacturers have given their support.

I'm really looking forward to seeing the results of this study, and hope the industry, and vapers will continue to give their support. I applaud Dr Farsalinos for his work and continued reminders that we need to focus on making vaping as safe as possible and in that way make it an accessible and attractive alternative to as many smokers as possible. Great work!

You can read all about the study here:


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