Sunday, 2 February 2014

Some design changes

Did some design changes on the blog today. Hope you guys like it, even though I'm not exactly a design guru. But at least I didn't steal to much. Gotta admit I found the nice background on the internet, but the logo and header is my own creation.

Comments and thoughts on this are more than welcome :)


  1. Good work, Vaping Giraffe!

    As a giraffe fan I already love this blogs name, and I might be biased due to my giraffe loving, but the logo is awesome! Nice blend of wondering giraffe and vaping :D The background is not too noisy and blends in with the foreground quite nicely. I also like the simplicity in the design! The fonts, the colours, the setup - organized and easy to read :)

    (and just a little, FYI Norwegian readers, every time you spell giraffe with "sj" instead of a "g" a little kitten dies)