Saturday, 15 February 2014

Smokers wanted to save money, ended up saving their own lives

This week we had a smoker coming up from the main office to work on a project with us. At our office we only had 2 smokers, me being one of them and we've both switched to e-cigarettes now. Well at least I threw away the fags for real, the other guy I think is still smoking a bit. But anyway, I joined this guy from the main office, an Englishman from Bolton, whenever he went out for a smoke and solved a lot of problems out there. I asked him a bit if he had considered switching to e-cigs, and we talked a bit about it, and he had an interesting take on why he the UK has such a high number of vapers: The economic crisis, which hit the UK pretty hard I believe. It hit me that when I first started vaping, I thought quite a lot about how much money I'd save. Cause yeah... it is, or at least could be if you're not a nerd and end up buying all these high-end mods like me, damn cheap compared to smoking. He told me a pack of cigarettes is close to £8 in the UK now... almost as expensive as in Norway (around £8 when I quit, probably around £9-10 now), which is considered to be the most expensive country in the world. And I smoked a pack a day. Now I vape like 3-5ml a day, and I pay in the area of £20 for a 50ml bottle of e-liquid, which means I get by on around £2 a day if I add the cost of the occasional batteries and other supplies. I'm sure you can get by on £1 a day with my vaping rate as well if you want to. Mix your own juices and you can probably go even lower. So what does that mean? Well it means that a lot of people are now in a better economical shape than they would have been without e-cigarettes, AND they might just have saved their own life as a side-effect. There is a lot of talk about uncertainty of the long term effects of vaping. Well here is 2 long term effects for you that there is no doubt about: Better health, and better personal economy.


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