Sunday, 2 February 2014

Juice Review: Nick's Blissful Brews - Smoked Custard

There are a lot of juice-mixers out there that are doing their own take on
popular tastes, like Vanilla Custard, different fruit and berry mixes and the variations based on aniseed and so on. Nick is not one of them. As far as I know, in addition to some specials made in limited quantities, these are his blends:

  • Smoked Custard - A mix of tobacco and custard, and the one I'm reviewing today. To be honest I wondered how the hell he came up with that idea.
  • Peach Green Tea - Maybe the one that sounds most sane
  • Strawberry Black Tea - Never would have thought of this either :)
I got to admit I was a bit skeptical, but still I felt I kind of just had to try out this crazy blend. Nicks juices are according to himself designed for genesis atomizers. 80/20 PG/VG keeps the coils clean, gives you a bunch of throat hit, but still I find this Smoked Custard to produce a satisfying amount of vapor as well. I've been trying out this juice in the Hellfire Mega (4/5 wraps of .25 kanthal) since Friday now. It feels a bit like eating custard while smoking a good cigar, and surprisingly that is a good thing. The custard is more like an undertone, like hmm... like when you add some of that flavor-syrup to your coffee, but not to much. It's like some flavors blend and become new flavors and the originals disappear, but in this juice it doesn't, both the tobacco and the custard is still there. Great balance, and a shitload of flavor, and it's a flavor I'm sure you have never tasted anywhere else. All in all a great juice, that keeps growing on me. I think I'll leave some of it for steeping as well to see how it develops. According to some of my friends at the vapepit, it also is really really nice to your coils and you can go on for ages without recoiling with Nicks juices. Just had 2 days to test but still looks nice and clean here as well, we'll see how it goes.

Really looking forward to trying out the rest of Nick's brews as this is good shit. I'll definitely try to keep an eye out for the next special edition as well. Keep on coming up with these taste-combos that no-one else has thought of Nick, I love it. Highly recommended by the vaping giraffe :)


  1. Whrere can we buy this juice? It sounds yummy!!

  2. He has two official resellers as far as I know: and You should probably be able to get in touch with him via his facebook page as well:

  3. I'm definitely gonna try it after some time. If you want, you can try Fruit N Custard E Liquid also , it tastes so good.