Thursday, 20 February 2014

What's up with all the clones?

Lately I have been reading a lot of forums, and I'm a bit sad to see that in some forums, there is an attitude that cloning high-end mods is ok. A lot of people are saying that the clones are working just as well as the original and encourages others to get the clone instead for this reason. This is not ok! Forum administrators should stop this, but instead I some time see them being part of it. They should know better.

Buying clones really damages the market. Why? Well, someone has used a lot of time and resources developing the original product. When the design is done, reproducing the actual mod or atomizer is often not very expensive, especially if you have access to machines doing this for you. So when you feel you are paying a lot more for a mod than you think it costs to produce it, remember that you are also paying the designer, or artists as some of these modders actually are, back for the time and money he or she put into designing the product. The "cloners" have STOLEN the design and are profiteering on other peoples hard work. So when you buy a clone you are enabling and encouraging theft of other peoples work, and this will eventually put the original designers out of business.
This means less designers, less cool mods that you can buy and the quality of the mods will be shit. Cause if you think people who steal others work really cares if your new mod works for more than 2 weeks, or even if it works out of the box, you're wrong. They only care about your money, like any other criminal. So stop encouraging this people, and stop buying clones!


  1. "We spent one and a half year designing this mod" yeah right! Anyone can design a metal tube in one day. Want a nice engraving on it? Ok, draw a picture, it should take 20 minutes. "But we are special! We use gold plated contacts!" this idea pops up in 10 seconds. So yes it is totally ok to buy clones, and should not be in any way frowned upon. People that spend months designing a mod don't deserve any money.

    If you work with creating mods you should quit your job and go back to collage, you'll have time designing metal tubes on your free time.

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