Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Updates on the Totally Wicked legal challenge (UPDATED)

Yesterday Totally Wicked published a report on the hearing that was held on the 1st of October. This hearing is "the oral stage" of the whole process, where TW's barrister got 20 minutes to present his arguments and the EU institutions and member states (UK, France and Spain) contesting the case got 15 minutes each. The next stage is ... the Judgement stage:
We will get an opinion from the Advocate General on the 17th December. In around 80% of cases, the judges do follow this, and the actual ruling will be given in the early part of next year.
Hopefully the Advocate General is able to see that the gateway theory is a product of certain peoples imagination and has nothing to do with reality, that the health risks are only applicable to certain peoples "smoking-robots" and that dying babies ... well ... is a good sign that they don't have many real arguments to present. 

Totally Wicked have published a guide to the process here, and I also recommend following Clive Bates' post on the case which seems to be updated as we're moving along.

UPDATE: Totally Wicked also published a press release on the case today. You can read it here.


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