Thursday, 1 October 2015

Norwegian authorities bans private import of pharmaceuticals

Yesterday Norwegian newspaper VG reported yesterday that the Norwegian Medicines Agency have implemented a total ban on importing pharmaceuticals from October 1st... that's today:
It will now be illegal for Norwegians to order medications online sent from abroad, according to the Norwegian Medicines Agency. This applies to all prescription drugs and non-prescription (with one exception: if the drug is Norwegian with Norwegian label).
This means, it will not be possible any more to buy medication from pharmacies online, for example from our neighbours in Sweden, which I believe have been quite common up until now. There is a long list of stuff that we can no longer get shipped (from what I understand there are no changes in rules if one brings the products in themselves when coming from abroad): 
  • Products containing pharmaceutical substances. 
  • Products containing herbs.
  • Products containing vitamins in daily doses exceeding maximum limits
  • Products claiming to be medicinal
  • Products for injection, excluding products which are CE marked medical devices or products regulated by the regulations on tattooing
  • Products for use in eyes
  • Homeopathic remedies. 
  • Drugs. These are also governed by regulations on drugs and is not allowed to import privately. This also includes synthetic substances similar substances listed on the drug list, but not covered by drug regulation. 
  • Doping assets. These are also governed by regulations on what is doping and is not allowed to import private. 
The Norwegian Medicines Agency have said earlier that e-liquids are classified as pharmaceutical products, so it certainly looks like this might stop us from buying e-juice online. However, the Norwegian Union of Vapers (NDS) quickly reacted to the news and started asking around. Actually the new rules were published some days before VG wrote about it so they've been working on it for some days now. Anyway, it looks now like e-liquid will NOT be affected by the new rules. The rules were made to stop the import of fake pharmaceuticals and it has not been the intention to stop the import of e-liquid, like many of us feared when we first heard about these new rules. There has been a lot of uncertainty.... and panic in the NDS Facebook group the last days but hopefully this info posted by NDS will help people sleep:
It has not been possible to obtain any written statement on whether e-liquid is affected or not. However, we have access to information from multiple credible sources that indicate that e-liquid is not going to be affected.
This means that we will continue as before even after 01/10/15 and look forward to constructive cooperation with Norwegian Health authorities on the regulation in Norway. We hope that the opportunity to be a pioneer in harm reduction and tobacco injury prevention will
soon be seized.
So, for now: The rules for importing e-liquid to Norway are still the same today as they were yesterday, we're allowed to import e-juice for 3 months use ... as long as we're not enjoying it too much, and use it for smoking cessation only :) Thanks a lot all of the people in NDS and others who have worked with this case.


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