Friday, 23 October 2015

Juice Review: Il bacio by Suprem-e

I'm actually not sure if I've tried Italian made e-liquid before, but I do like Italian food. I mean who doesn't? Suprem-e writes quite a lot about their efforts to make safe products on their website, but they were involved in the case where Cloud9 tested some juices and decided to withdraw the whole Five Pawns range. The juice I'm reviewing here was also withdrawn due to detectable DA and AP. Still the amounts found was in this one was not very high and probably not put in there on purpose. I don't know if Suprem-e has taken steps to fix this, and I can't really find any info on it either (feel free to comment if you know anything). However, as I said, the amounts found in this juice is so low that I'm not worried about it, as the levels are around the limits Dr. Farsalinos have mentioned earlier as probably just contaminants in the flavourings used. As I said, personally I feel vaping this is perfectly safe, but I also feel that test results should be published so every vaper can make an educated choice.

Il Bacio

Tested on: Steamcrave RDTA (OCC head @ 0.3 ohms, 30-40 watts)

I don't speak Italian... at all. So when I first saw the name of this juice I just assumed that "bacio" meant tobacco. Sounds reasonable doesn't it? To be perfectly honest I didn't even check it out before I tasted it... and it tasted didn't taste tobacco... it tastes like Hazelnut. So I had to check out what Il Bacio means, and according to google it means "The kiss". Anyway... after this little surprise, I do think this juice is quite good. It is not a pure Hazelnut e-juice, there is also chocolate in there. Kind of reminds me a bit of a chocolate we got here in Norway with whole hazelnuts in it. It's the same flavours, but different balance. This has much more nuts and the chocolate is more in the background. The nuts are pretty authentic with a little bite to it. I have to be honest, hazelnuts and chocolate is not my favourite flavour combo, but it doesn't at all taste bad and I can easily enjoy this juice for days, and for those of you who just love chocolate with nuts in it... try this one.

Thanks to sending me this juice for review. They also provided this code for 10% off: VG2015


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