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Review: Goblin Mini RTA by UD

The first sub-ohm tank I tried out was the Kanger Sub-tank, the first edition they released. Pretty big thing, works like a charm though, but a while ago I wanted to try out the mini version of it. I remember I wanted it pretty quickly, since I needed something smaller for a trip I was going to. I checked, which is located pretty close to where I live (like 15 minutes by car) and lets me come pick up the stuff I order online. However they were all out of mini Kangers, so I asked Birger, who runs dampoteket, for alternatives. He suggested I tried the UD Zephyrus, claiming it was the best sub-ohm tank out there when it comes to flavour. I decided to trust him and ordered one, and I was totally amazed. The Zephyrus is a fantastic tank. Since then I've been meaning to try out more stuff from Youde, and I've had my eye on this Goblin Mini for quite a while. Now, finally I've got to try it out.

In the box
The Goblin Mini is indeed... mini. So they've packed it in quite a mini box, well protected by a foam insert. Pretty classy as well, looks like a small black jewellery box. In the box you get:
  • The RTA (of course)
  • A spare tank section
  • A spare driptip
  • Spare o-rings (one of each I guess)
  • Spare screws (one for the build deck and one for the fill hole)
  • A 510 driptip adapter (the Goblin driptips are just plain glass tubes)
  • A single coil adapter (blocks one of the air holes if you want to do single coil builds).

Looks and feel
I really do like the looks, and size, of this little thing. Putting it on my Hana One mod I have a great, lightweight but powerful combo, small enough to almost fit into the palm of my hand... RTA included. I even like the logo quite a lot. Fits the name in a way.

In use
This RTA being so small of course also means it has a pretty small build deck. Still I think it's pretty easy to build on. It does have 2 holes in the center post as you can see, which in my opinion makes building it easier as you can do one coil at the time if you're doing dual coils like I've been doing.

The airflow control is quite unique on this one. The air comes in through holes in the bottom which can be adjusted in size by adjusting a slider at the bottom of the RTA. When fully open the holes are pretty big giving you more than enough air. I've run it up to 60W (that's all I've got right now) on around .4 ohms without any problems, which means the wicking is also great. Well of course that also depends on how you wick it. I've put just enough cotton in there to go slightly down into the 4 juice canals, and that seems to work very well. Almost no leaking (just some times slightly wet when I unscrew the atty), and no dry-hits whatsoever. I've seen some complaints about the airflow control with the slider, as you do have to unscrew the atty a bit to adjust. For me it's not a problem at all, since I don't really adjust it that much anyway.

Filling is done through a hole in the bottom, plugged by a small screw with an o-ring. This means you have to have a screwdriver with you at all times, and this can be an issue. They should have included one in the box to be honest, preferably a really small one that you could keep with your keys or something like that. Then again, I guess most vapers who use RTAs already have quite a few of those tiny screwdrivers so might not be a problem. To tighten the screws on the build deck you need a tiny Phillips screwdriver, while the fill screw is slightly larger and needs a flat one. They could have made these the same and included the screwdriver needed. Other than that, if you have the screwdriver at hand, and good lighting so you don't loose the tiny screw, filling is no problem. The size of the hole matches the tip of most juice bottles.

The juice capacity is said to be 3ml. For my use, this is more than enough, and actually quite a lot considering the size of the atty. But this also means that it is not the RTA you would bring as your only one for longer trips, especially outdoors considering how it is filled. Of course if you're inside and can fill whenever you want it's all good.

The Goblin does not use standard 510 drip tips, but there is an adapter included if you have some favourite you want to use. I haven't even thought about that since I think the glass tube ones included look awesome, and they don't get hot. They could, however, have used a slightly thicker o-ring in there to make it a tighter fit. It is pretty loose, and I have actually had it falling out in my pocket. Found it again though so I still have both :)

Now comes the really good part. Cause performance is amazing on this RTA. With my .4 ohm dual coil setup (28 AWG) I get huge amounts of vapour and equally huge amounts of clean delicious flavour. It's up there with my drippers, and definitely one of the best atties I've tried once set up. I've been running it mostly on 40W, and it is quite a thirsty thing. Guess it has to be to produce those clouds. You could probably set it up differently, and run on lower watts to make it less thirsty, but I haven't really had the need to do that by now. Again, flavour and vapour production is incredible on this, and one of the best I've tried so far.

Pros and cons
++ Insane flavour
++ Fantastic vapor production
+ Looks great (you can also get tank sections in different colors)
+ Size (if you want a small atty of course)
- They should have made all the screws the same and included a screwdriver
- Difficult to fill if you're out and about, would have been great if they figured out a way to fill it from the top as well (Maybe block the fill hole with the driptip or something like that).
- Driptip fit is a bit loose.

Also worth mentioning is that this is not the RTA you want to do super-advanced fancy big builds on, with thick clapton or twisted coils and all that. The build deck is to small for that. But I didn't really want to list that as a con either, since that is not the point of this atty. It performs incredibly well on quite simple builds.

Would I recommend this? Hell yes! Of course, the small size limits it's use a bit, but honestly it has not been a problem for me yet. I quite simply love it. I see it's listed at just below $40 most places, but you can easily get it for around $20 most places, and at that price I see no good reason not to try this out. Gearbest has it at 50% off right now at $18.99. It's worth every penny... and then some.

Big thanks to Gearbest for sending me this Goblin Mini for review.

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