Friday, 16 October 2015

Juice Review: Mother's Milkshake by Yaeliq

Yaeliq is the only Israeli e-juice maker I know of and they say they're a "family owned business that began as a hobby and the desire to vape quality e-juice, made from the world's finest ingredients". They've got this slogan as well... "Premium liquid from the holy land". Kind of big words don't you think? Let's see if they can live up to them, shall we?

Mother's Milkshake

Tested on: Steamcrave RDTA (Dual coil @ 0.5 ohms, 30-40 watts)

This juice aims to be a strawberry milkshake flavoured juice based on ripe, fresh strawberries and cream. Smelling the bottle it sure smells like strawberries, but I do feel it's got kind of an artificial, candy kind of strawberry smell to it. Not that promising if I'm honest. Vaping it however, does not taste artificial at all in my opinion, I get more of a fresh, natural strawberry taste from it... and cream... loads of cream. Tastes like a really thick strawberry milkshake, so their description is not at all off. It produces a lot of thick, creamy vapor that you almost feel you can chew. You almost get the feeling you'll gain weight just by vaping this stuff. It is pretty sweet so for me it's not an all day vape, it's more of a dessert vape... I mean a vape that I'd actually have for dessert, and dessert is my favourite part of the meal. Really a great juice this one and, judging by this one, I'd say Yaeliq's big words that I mentioned in the beginning are justified.

Thanks to sending me this juice for review. They also provided this code for 10% off: VG2015


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