Thursday, 28 May 2015

Juice Review: Snitch & Snatch by Fogboss

I had never heard of Fogboss when asked if I wanted to do a review. I had to check out their web-page and I must say I think they've got kind of a cool theme going there. Just have a look at the description of this juice:
After being born in prison, these mischievous twins were separated at birth. Fate brought the two together when they each tried to pinch the same gelato shop. Since then, the two have joined as a menacing team.
Not giving to much info about what this juice would taste like there, but the short description on their juice-page gives you some more: Twisted Berry Sorbet.

Snitch & Snatch
Tested on: Kanger Subtank (RDA 0.4 ohm's, 25 watts)

Smelling this juice I was pretty sure I'm going to taste some blueberries in there. And vaping it confirms it. It kind of reminds me of the blueberry taste you get from Kentucky Bluegrass from Epipemods, but without the tobacco. Got kind of a sting to it that I'm not sure how to describe, but it gives a fair bit of throat hit and leaves a tingling sensation on the tongue after exhaling. I see others have described it as kind of a blueberry yogurt and I can't really think of any better way to describe it either. I guess it's one of those juices that you have to try to really have any idea of how it will taste like. Took me a bit by surprise, just like the Kentucky Bluegrass when I first tried it.

This juice is one of those that grows on you. For me it started out pretty good as well. Not that I keep discovering new flavor notes in this one but the ones that are there keeps getting better I guess. And it lives up to the Fogboss name as well, producing lots of vapor so I suspect it's mostly VG. I can't really find the ratio on their web-page or the bottle, something I think they should inform their customers about. However they say they're making Gourmet Dripping E-liquids, so I guess you'd expect them to be high VG.

Anyway, if you'd like to try out a great blueberry/yogurt e-liquid, Snitch & Snatch would be a great place to start, and maybe you'll just end up there as well, cause I haven't really seen to many juices combining those flavors. I'd probably give it like 8 out of 10 cute little giraffe-gifs if I was using that kind of rating system, maybe more if it keeps on growing, but since I don't really use a rating system I'll just say it's pretty damn good and you should try it out.

Again, thanks to for sending me this juice for review.


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