Friday, 15 May 2015

The vaping ad that did not happen...

Here in Norway we have a few days when it's illegal to air normal commercials on TV. This is Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Pentecost Sunday and Christmast day. On these days, most broadcasters instead offer to air "profile movies" from non-governmental organisations. This year the Norwegian Union of Vapers (NDS) applied and was offered a spot on Pentecost Sunday (24th of May) and worked hard to create a good informational movie to raise awareness of the organization and vaping in general. Everything seemed to be going the right way... but no. When the final product was submitted to TV2, the broadcaster in question and one of Norways biggest TV channels, the tone had changed. The movie suddenly "doesn't fit in". No reason other than that from what I've understood. Sounds more like they don't want to give us the real reason, which is probably they're afraid that they'll have to answer some questions afterwards since e-cigarettes with nicotine is illegal to sell in Norway, or that they figure that movies from well known organizations (preferably with some poor starving children in them) will be more popular with the viewers.

Anyway, here's the vaping ad that did not happen, cause TV2 aparently found it too controversial. I've translated it below since it's in Norwegian:

Are you still smoking?
Hard to quit?
There is and alternative
Is neither tobacco nor smoke

Switch now!
Norsk Dampselskap (Norwegian Union of vapers)
The consumers [vapers] own association, get information and help
... and then the logo and url in the end. Controversial stuff right?

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