Friday, 22 May 2015

New Danish vaping law postponed

In March I wrote about a new law proposed in Denmark that would in practice ban e-cigarettes and was supposed to take effect already in November this year. Have a look here (scroll down a bit). Today, however, I'm happy to see that the Danish Ministry of Health have decided to postpone the processing of this proposal until the next parliamentary session which would also be after the next election. According to DADAFO (The Danish Union of Vapers) this means that e-cigarettes and vaping at this point will not be included in the new "law on smoke free environment": (in Danish, hope google translate works fairly well). The Ministry of Health say they want to use more time to gather knowledge and information. 

DADAFO believes that this pleasant surprise comes as a result of the huge amount of responses to the request for comment, both from organisations and individuals, as well as the many emails sent to the relevant government instances and even the Minister of Health. The hard work that DADAFO and individual vapers have done has really paid off. Congratulations to you all! And I guess a thank you is also in order, from us Norwegian vapers. This will surely be noticed by Norwegian politicians as well and will make it easier to achieve our goal... to let vaping save as many lives as possible. I'm not sure if the Danish are aware about the commercials that usually hit Norway this time of the year (from Danish travel agencies I guess), but anyway, they have this jingle that goes like this: "It's wonderful to be Norwegian ... in Denmark". I'm glad that will still be true for a while :) (Yup, I'm actually going to Denmark this summer)


  1. Excellent news - well done!

  2. Campaigning the newspapers/media, a small protest in front of the parlament building, a letter/mail-writing campaign to the danish minister for Health and Prevention - sent with copy to all the spokespersons for Health and Prevention from the different political parties (and the mails were sent with copy also to DADAFO - The Danish Vapers Association - as documentation, so the politicians couldn't ignore the many mails/letters) - did the trick... for now...

    All in all appx. 1.300 individual mails were sent to the ministry - and DADAFO believes that the amount of personal letters from vapers - explaining what the proposed law would mean to them - if implemented as was - made all the difference.

    The law has "only" been postponed, until after the general election for parlament in Denmark. The election has to have taken place before start of september this year.

  3. My comments (in Danish):

  4. I have seen vapers in big companies where staff wasn't allowed to smoke. So, I am really wondering why so many people are making such a big effort to ban ecigs for no reason - Nobody says it is healthier than an apple but it is a way to quit smoking, which is definatly more toxic than vaping. Interesting also that nobody comes up with a clear solution for this issue... shows that naked truth and lobbying don't lead to a structured concept based on facts and representative studies.

  5. The work that dadafo and individual vapers have inked has really paid away from. Congratulations to you almost all! And I guess a many thanks is also in buy, from us Norwegian vapers. This may surely be noticed by Norwegian politicians at the same time and will make it better to achieve our goal... to let vaping save as much lives as possible.

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