Monday, 4 May 2015

Juice Review: Apple Express by Steamer Elixire

As some of you might remember, Steamer Elixire was the first Norwegian e-juice range to hit the international market, and a while ago I did a review of the first two flavours available at (that seems to be the new name of cool-chili-vapors). As I mentioned back then, Roger, the madman behind these juices, also sent me some samples of some unreleased juices, and when I last talked to Roger he said that the Apple Express should be available from vikingvapes very shortly (within a few days I think). So, it kind of makes sense to do a review of that now, don't you think?

UPDATE: Didn't take more than a day... the Apple Express was released on vikingvapes this morning:

Apple Express

Tested on: Hellfire Mega (Around 0.9 ohm's on a mech-mod)

Now having tried the two first juices from Steamer Elixire, Foxy Lemon and Mountain smoke, first, my expectations for this juice was kind of high. I have tried a couple of apple juices before, but never really fallen in love them, with the exception of House of Liquids' El-Toro Eden which is a fantastic Apple/Tobacco blend. The smell of this one however, doesn't lower the expectations at all, cause it smells really great. And vaping it... it delivers 110%. The flavour is kind of a spicy apple (cider maybe) with some hints of cinnamon in there as well. It took me a bit by surprise, cause it doesn't taste like any of the apple e-juices I've tried before... it tastes way better. It's in my opinion perfectly balanced, making sure the apple flavour gets all the attention it deserves, with the hints of cinnamon and maybe other flavours just there to pronounce the apple. If you're into apple vapes, or if you're not, doesn't matter really, you should try out this juice. No, you must try this juice.

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  1. To bad that, Roger, the maker is an amateur mixer who dont mix in a lab or sterile confinement so you never know if the juice might be full of foreign materials that in worst case might be harmful. BE CAREFUL!

  2. And why should we believe a person who don't have balls enough to post under your own name?
    Bjarte Ryland
    ...and that's my real name, anoying anonymous idiot! Grow some balls, and post under your own name!

  3. belive what u want and take all risks if u want... i`m just informing and warning :)

  4. btw, I`m John Warrington from Newcastle :)

  5. Thanks for commenting...then i´d suppose you know how, and where i make this far as i know, i newer seen you here.

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