Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Juice Review: Queenside by Five Pawns

A while ago I was asked by James who runs the ashtray blog and if I wanted to be a part of the "Halo Panel", which means helping them develop new juices. I thought it sounded kind of cool so of course I said yes, and from the samples we've tried out yet I'd say it looks promising. Anyway, the other day they got in touch and wanted to give their testers some free juice from Five Pawns that they've just added to their site and some discount codes for our friends. So I thought why not do a review of it, so here we go...

Tested on: Kanger Subtank (RDA @ 0.4 ohm, 20-25 watts)

Queenside is part of Five Pawns' Signature series and their own description of the juice goes like this: "Delicate blood orange intensifies this citrus based flavor. Harmoniously blended with creamy French vanilla for a gentle and exquisite balance that will carry from one flavor to the next." Now blood orange isn't a flavour I've vaped a lot and to be honest I was a bit afraid it would be a bit on the bitter side for me. But smelling the juice you notice not only the orange but also a good deal of the vanilla they are talking about. Vaping it, of course, confirms this. There is some bitterness there but you get a lot of creamy vanilla to balance it out and you get a lot of that delicious orange flavour as well. It's a really well balanced juice again from Five Pawns that keeps on getting better. Kind of like the Absolute Pin I wrote about earlier, but still in another way. Cause the Queenside is not that complex, you don't discover new notes all the time, but in a way the flavours that are there just keeps getting better as you vape more of this. As I said, great juice again from Five Pawns, and even if it is quite expensive I think it's worth every penny.

UPDATE: Some of the Five Pawns juices contain quite high levels of Acetyl Propionyl. Please have a look here for more information.

Aspire Atlantis Sub Ohm Tank 
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