Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Juice Review: Djinni Range from Decadent Vapors, Part 3

So I've emptied the 3 last bottles from the Djinni range, which means it's time for the 3rd and final part of this series of reviews. In part one I mentioned that there was one of the flavors I really didn't look that much forward to, and since I told you in part 2 that I'm not that fond of floral flavors it might not surprise anyone that Turkish Delight is the one I was talking about.

Tested on: Aspire Nautilus (1.6 ohm, 15 watts)

Frostbite is the only menthol juice in the Djinni range. For some reason I haven't vaped menthol for quite some time now. Well actually I've not vaped that much menthol at all to be honest, which is kind of strange when I think about it, cause I really do like menthol. Anyway, with a name like this I expected this to be a really icy menthol, but actually it's not the hardest hitting menthol out there. It is a blend of peppermint and menthol, and I think the peppermint is kind of taking some of the edge off making the juice smoother, and I really think that's a good thing. I mean, even if I do like the really icy menthols as well I don't think I could vape those all day, but the Frostbite is more easy going and actually a menthol that could be an all day vape for me. It is still packed with flavour, as all the juices in this range are, and you get all the delicious menthol aftertaste you'd expect, but again Decadent Vapours have done some really nice balancing work giving this juice just the right amount of punch. As I said I haven't really vaped that many menthol juices, but this is definitely one of the best ones I've tried, if not the best.

Berry Crush
Tested on: Kanger Subtank (RDA @ 0.4 ohm, 20-25 watts)

Berry Crush was one of the juices in this range that I really looked forward too trying out. A blend of blackcurrant, raspberries and other berries sounds like something that I would like. The smell of the juice doesn't make it any less tempting either. And of course, again, it's a juice packed with flavour. It does taste a bit familiar but I can't really put my finger on where I've tasted this before, but it's great. Mixing blackcurrant and raspberries kind of creates a new flavour so I feel I couldn't really taste the individual flavours that much, but that doesn't really matter, cause the "new" flavour is so good. It does also have kind of a candy feeling about it. Definitely one of my favourites from the Djinni range.

Turkish Delight
Tested on: UD IGO-W8 RDA (Tripple-coil 0.6 ohm's, 30-50 watts)

Last but not least I tried out the juice that I had serious doubts about. You see I don't really like Turkish delight, in fact I find it kind of annoying. Cause they look so much better than they taste in my opinion. It's that rose water taste that I think messes the whole thing up. Nevertheless I decided to try it out on a dripper on high wattage, just to really get all the flavour out of it. And to my surprise, I actually don't hate it. Weird. Cause the rose flavour is still there, but not as pronounced as I feared. It's mixed with a bunch of citrus flavour that I kind of like, both on the inhale and on the exhale. I've tried Turkish delight several times, but always get disappointed, but this juice on the other hand was actually getting better and better as I vaped it. I don't think I can say I love it yet, and I'm not sure I'll ever do that, but I don't hate it like I thought I would. As I said, it has got a lot of flavour and I honestly believe that if you're one of those weirdos that like Turkish delight... this would be spot on for you.


  • All my reviews are my honest opinion even if I am affiliated with the company manufacturing or selling the product. 
  • The juice was sent to me free of charge for the purpose of this review.
  • This review does not contain affiliate links.


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