Thursday, 4 June 2015

Juice Review: Rockhopper by Penguin ejuice

We've seen penguins as characters in quite a few animated movies in recent years. I guess Happy Feet was the first one of them that I saw at least, and of course we all loved the penguins in the Madagaskar series. So much in fact that they got their own, kind of spin-off movie. I also quite enjoyed Surf's up, which by the way also featured music by one of my favourite bands, Pearl Jam. The main character of Surf's up was a Rockhopper, which is also one of the species that Penguin e-juice have chosen to name their juices after... and the subject of this review :)

Tested on: Aspire Nautilus (1.6 ohm's, 15 watts)

The Rockhopper is described by Penguin as Watermelon Jolly Rancher. Again, I'm not familiar with the Jolly Rancher candy, but watermelon on the other hand, means summer and beach for me. I can smell watermelon when opening the bottle, but it's not a very strong smell. Then again, watermelon don't really smell that strong, or taste that strong either. For that reason I imagine making watermelon e-juice is kind of a challenge. I mean you don't want it to be to weak, but I imagine to much watermelon taste could end up a bit sickening as well. Anyway, I think Penguin has done a pretty good job finding the right balance. The watermelon taste is strong enough but not too strong, but it's also sweeter that just eating the fruit. I guess that's where the Jolly Rancher part comes in. Honestly I haven't really tried any watermelon candy that I can think of right now, but I imagine this is about how it tastes. For me it tastes like summer, relaxing, subtle and not to overwhelming. In the beginning I was thinking this was an all day juice candidate, but I think I've changed my mind, because I think you might get a bit bored with it if you use it too much. I'd say it's more the kind of juice you'd fill your tank with before a day on the beach, or some other summer activity.

Thanks to for sending me the juice for review.

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