Monday, 29 June 2015

Cloud 9 Vaping withdraws entire Five Pawns range after Diacetyl and Acetyl propionyl tests

Not long after Vaporshark released test results for all the e-liquids they sell, Cloud 9 Vaping just released some very concerning test results as well. In a blog post from the 16th of June this year they explain that they have been testing all their e-liquids and flavour concentrates since 2011, not only for diacetyl (DA) and acetyl propionyl (AP), but also for diethylene glycol, ethylene glycol and nicotine assay. In the blog-post on the 16th they say that these tests resulted in them withdrawing a whole range of well known, very popular e-liquids from their store, and yesterday they published the results in question. According to Cloud 9, Five Pawns failed the tests miserably as you can see. Not only do they have the highest AP levels we've seen so far, but also fails the nicotine assay tests.

I think it's very sad to see such results and have to admit that I kind of hope something horribly wrong has happened and it's all just a bad dream. I've been doing some research, asking around a bit and Five Pawns have ensured both retailers and end customers that their liquids are diacetyl free. Now, as Dr. Farsalinos also mentioned in his appearance on Click, Bang!, the e-liquid manufacturers might not be the only ones responsible for this, as DA and AP comes from the flavour concentrates used. So Five Pawns might have been told by whoever they buy their concentrates from that they don't contain these chemicals. However, as we've now seen, e-liquid manufacturers should not trust this, and in my opinion they are still responsible for testing the finished product. It's the same thing in my own line of work (I work for an ISP), we cannot blame the manufacturer of our CPEs when they release a new software that breaks something, it's our responsibility to test it thoroughly before it's rolled out to customers. I'm probably not the only one impatiently waiting to hear what Five Pawns has to say about this.

Again, I think it's a good thing that resellers are doing these tests and publishing the results. This puts pressure on the manufacturers who will now have to start taking this seriously or they will probably be out of business even before regulations are being implemented.

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  1. agreed, but also concerns when Mystic does gave a testdocument at Nov. 2014, who shows no diacetyl and a-p.... and in Cloud9s test its 400ppm diacetyl, and 200 acetyl propionyl....who to trust?
    Mainly ,to be "high-end", the taste seems to be extraordinary, and its not many ways to go there?

  2. Its so much worse that this. Five Pawns were repeatedly telling people that their juices contained no DA or AP even AFTER they had had their juices tested and knew that to be a lie from their *own* results. Utterly irresponsible.

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