Saturday, 13 June 2015

Juice Review: El-Toro Puros Dark by House of Liquid

I've mentioned House of Liquid in several of my reviews earlier and there is a reason for that: In my opinion House of Liquid makes one of the best tobacco e-liquid ranges out there, the El-Toro range. I remember there was a lot of talk about the Cigarillos when I first started vaping so I had to try it out, and of course I tried out some of the other juices in the range as well. I've got to say that to this day the El-Toro range is the best and most authentic tobacco e-juices I've tried. Now I see House of Liquid have decided to kind of split the El-Toro range into two sub-ranges, El-Toro Raw and El-Toro Fusion. The Raw juices I guess are the pure tobacco juices, while the Fusion juices have some other flavours blended in there as well. I do believe I've mentioned the Eden earlier, which is a fantastic apple tobacco juice. It of course sorts under the Fusion sub-range together with the subject of this review: The El-Toro Puros Dark. Reading the forums... it looks like I'm in for a treat. Let's see what all the fuzz is about, shall we?

Puros Dark
Tested on: Hellfire Dripper (0.3 ohm's, 25 watts)

The El-Toro Puros is a really strong, authentic Cuban Cigar kind of e-juice, and the most authentic one I've tasted so far. In the Puros Dark they say they've added "a splash of organic chocolate, coffee, and our full mastery" to the Puros, not because they wanted to add another flavour, but they say the chocolate and coffee will bring out the natural dryness in the tobacco flavour. So have they succeeded in this? In my opinion, YES! To be totally honest, if I didn't know there was some hints of chocolate and coffee in there, I wouldn't have noticed, at least not in a while. The tobacco flavour I know from the Puros is still there, even stronger and better than in the "original". But since I know there is chocolate and coffee in there I can taste the hints if I focus on them, but they're only hints and they're only there to bring out and enhance the tobacco in my opinion. If you're already familiar with the El-Toro range, it shouldn't surprise you that this juice is no less than fantastic, and if you're not... well then you should head over to the House of Liquid webshop immediately and start shopping. Cause you need to try this!

A big thanks to Georgio / eBaron for sending me the sample for review.

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